Advantages of Choosing Prestashop for your eCommerce Store

PrestaShop is one of the most popular open-source platforms for building eCommerce websites in different sectors and industries. It has a vast array of features and is the perfect solution for online businesses.

You can host the platform on your device, which is called self-hosting, or you can buy web-based Prestashop hosting using your preferred provider of web services.

It is trendy, and at present, it serves more than 65 languages, and it has more than 700 thousand active users. It is a solution for an eCommerce business that is very user-friendly, and it has an excellent and very responsive interface with lots of themes to choose from.

Let’s see in detail its advantages and why so many eCommerce owners have chosen it for their web store.

The Benefits of PrestaShop

 1. The Installation Process is a Breeze

You can grab the installation file from the official PrestaShop website, and in a few easy clicks, you can start creating your online shop.

2. No Cost

You do not have to invest in a costly shopping cart platform. Being open-source means it is free of charge. You may not have much to invest if you are just starting your business, and PrestaShop is ideal for such small businesses and startups.

3. The Interface is Extremely User-friendly

You can create your online store without being a geek. No, an IT degree is needed to manage PrestaShop online shop. The administration panel has a simple design and interface. An astonishing number of 25,000 plugins are available for the benefit of PrestaShop users, and they make the creation and management of the website child’s play.

4. PrestaShop is Highly Customizable

You can customize and modify the features of a PrestaShop store effortlessly and in a straightforward manner. The platform is very flexible, and you can change it according to your wishes and preferences during any stage of the development of the web store.

5. Support for Multiple Languages

If your store operates with many currencies and languages, you will face no issues with PrestaShop. There are many options for localization and demographic help, so your PrestaShop can run in any part of the world you choose. The platform is available in more than 45 languages you can feature your store in.

6. Payment Security

PrestaShop is built for eCommerce, and this is why it offers very secure and convenient payment systems. Google Checkout and PayPal are utilized as the primary payment options, and they are very safe and leave no room for threats or fraud.

The transactions are processed via the SSL protocol, which offers an extra security layer.

A sales booster that is very popular on PrestaShop is the one-page checkout option. 

Besides all these advantages, there are also free promotional tools like email automation to generate coupon codes and vouchers.

PrestaShop offers an economical, practical, and user-friendly solution for businesses that are just venturing on the web. You can also rely on a vast database of guides and forums so you will never be lost during the installation and maintenance process. So if you are just launching an online store, PrestaShop is for you.

When you pair PrestaShop with a reliable web hosting provider, your eCommerce business will be unstoppable, and you will face no technical hiccups. This way, all your attention will be on growing your business.

Hosting providers like GreenGeeks, IONOS Hosting, and a few others have proven to be reliable on all the essential parameters, and they are all a perfect choice for building an eCommerce PrestaShop. They will allow you to rank higher in search engines and provide a smooth customer experience for your visitors online.

Downsides of PrestaShop

PrestaShop is not without its limitations, although they are far fewer than its advantages. It has limited scalability and lacks an official support team. In addition, its design is not suitable for large stores. Then again, it never targeted those, to begin with.

PrestaShop is very suitable for small and medium-sized stores. They have all the essential functions.

Finally, some users are displeased that there’s no official support. However, PrestaShop has hundreds of thousands of active members who can help iron out any issue or confusion.

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