Nine important tips that all smartphone users neglect to follow

Take advantage of smartphone features while staying secure with these handy and helpful tips. Globally, there are an estimated 5 billion cell phones, of which about half are smartphones. This means that almost a 3rd of the world’s population uses their smartphones for texted, FaceTimed, Skyped, and sent and received photos, as well as utilizing their devices for other purposes. No matter how late you arrive at this party, this smartphone is likely to be in your hand constantly, gathering a great deal of private information. Perhaps you are wondering, “What is the best way to secure my smartphone?” By following these nine tips, you’ll be able to adhere to mobile privacy best practices.

Set up a passcode on your device, not implementing this first layer of security; your apps can be accessed by anyone holding the phone and its data. Choose a passcode you’ll remember, then tap it on your phone when you want to use it. On some devices, you may be able to set a “fingerprint” that unlocks a phone, or you can set Face lock, which can unlock the phone.

It would be best if you always were cautious about links received in emails or texts. If The sender is unknown to you, it is best not to click. And if the sender is known to you, check to ensure that they sent it. Cybercriminals use fake emails, text messages, and instant message accounts to pose as someone or someone you’re familiar with is an essential cybercrime tactic called phishing. 

Install the latest software updates

If your device receives an update, install it immediately. The updates typically include security patches, bug fixes, such as frequent maintenance.

Ensure that a unique password protects every online account

Do not reuse any passwords. The moment cybercriminals get their hands on a user’s password, they attempt it with every user’s account. Using an online password handler is the best way to create secure, complex passwords. Having a password organizer means you won’t have to remember every password. Additionally, you may choose some memorable phrases or “key phrases” for easy recall. If you want to write down anything, you should do it, but not on your computer.

Always Connect to a Public Wi-Fi network using a VPN

Open Wi-Fi is impossible to duck — when you’re on the go, you want to use the Internet, whether you’re doing online work or shopping or something else. In these cases, you should use VPN to connect to the public Wi-Fi. Using this technique, you will stay anonymous online and save your mobile from cyber hackers who steal your info.

Use reputed apps for downloading.

Apps should only be downloaded from official stores — the App Store for Apple iPhone and the play store for Android smartphones. Malware developers create fake malicious apps and upload them to untrustworthy sites, taking advantage of people’s ignorance. An official app store’s vetting process is more thorough.

Create a cloud backup of your data

Keeping a backup of your phone will save you a lot of headaches. Therefore, if your phone is ever stolen or lost, all of your apps, accounts, and data are available to download again. 

Turn on remote wiping for your phone.  

Additionally, if you lose or steal your phone, it is possible to remotely wipe all your data. (And you don’t need to worry about your data, as we already take its backup in tip 2) You can find detailed instructions on how to remotely wipe your iPhone and Android smartphone on their respective websites.

Download Security apps

By following all the tips above, you will remain alert all the time, and you’ll be protected from then on with a robust security app. A cyber security solution keeps track of all programs or files that get onto a system. Vast’s security engine is among the biggest worldwide, providing security to millions of customers worldwide. Download the best Mobile Security to secure your data and provide peace of mind.

Smartphones are fun and convenient and have become part of our daily life. New technologies require new lessons in safety. These tips will help you, and you will be able to take advantage of the latest technology.


Khatak is a tech writer and covering some latest tech trends in the world. Also writing and publishing some business ideas.

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