Modern Technologies That Are Enhancing Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is vigorously growing and presents users with the most relevant and incredible new products on their mobile devices. Since the online world is changing rapidly with every single day passing, digital marketing is also going to be a continuously changing industry. However, throwing all the available resources at a new digital marketing technology is not a good idea at all because companies need to acclimate their marketing campaigns according to the needs of modern consumers by investing in new marketing technologies for personalized communication and to cultivate desired outcomes.

Hence, a lot of businesses and companies around the globe grumble that they are unable to find suitable marketing solutions and cultivate fruitful outcomes. Many of them really don’t understand why they are not getting the massive social media traffic even their websites are performing great in search engines.

No doubt the digital industry still has many issues, but the latest innovative technologies like voice search, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data are playing an integral role in avoiding cold situations while businesses are promoting their products or services via several digital marketing techniques.

In this article, I will shed some light on the modern technologies that are reshaping the ways we use digital marketing. All these advanced technologies are primarily expected to bring more connectivity to the world through multiple touchpoints by allowing marketers to create more holistic and targeted digital marketing campaigns in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is one of the latest technologies that are transforming almost all walks of life including digital marketing. The technology is applied to the computer and other algorithmic processes for making faster and more accurate marketing predictions and decisions that can be used by marketers in several digital marketing strategies. It helps marketers to learn consumer behaviors and interests that later can be used to create personalized advertisements.

Big Data

It is a superb way for businesses of all types to collect a huge amount of customer data which is very useful in providing consumers with exactly what they need. Big Data is the only reason companies and businesses know more about their consumers and provide them with accurately targeted and highly personalized ads.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the sister of artificial intelligence and provides marketers with intelligent audience divisions and analytics used to test lots of data points. Businesses and marketers then use these numbers for adapting and optimizing their digital marketing campaigns in real-time to achieve desired outcomes.

Voice Search

In this era of the latest mobile technology, almost 1/3 of the 3.5 billion Google searches are performed via voice on a regular basis. Companies and businesses are optimizing their sites and apps for voice searches in order to appear in more search results. The rise of voice search is likely to upend both paid and organic search strategy practices in days to come.


Chatbots is another advanced technology transforming the ways companies and businesses connect with their customers. Chatbots are used in mobile apps, social media and websites to quickly respond to data related queries and take orders and requests. Successfully integrated chatbots on different digital assets can gather useful data and information that can be used in several digital marketing strategies.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Both technologies offer an instinctual try-before-you-buy customer experience that can help companies to provide their customers with an amazing experience. AR and VR allow consumers to explore a product or service they are interested in, effectively engage with the brand, and make wise buying decisions.


Blockchain is an innovative technology that businesses and digital marketers can make use of to track and engage the audience in digital ads. Blockchain provides an opportunity to display click-throughs in real-time which is very useful in PPC advertisement campaigns. Moreover, this technology can also help marketers if they are running social media contests or other campaigns to calculate rewards for each participant to find out the winners quickly.


5G provides high-speed connectivity features that allow businesses and brands to connect with the target audience in real-time to resolve their queries and provide them with apt solutions as soon as possible. Marketers are now able to create and run digital ads quickly to promote their newly launched products for more engagement and conversion. With 5G data speed, consumers can also search and find the desired products or services from the comfort of their homes and offices by using their mobile devices. It brings consumers and companies closer greatly than ever before.

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