LinkedIn for Business – Why LinkedIn Company Page Can Be Great for Businesses

Reasons Why You Should Have a LinkedIn Company Page

Since, the need to hook up with of-one-mind people is one of the basic human longings, the expedition for belonging might be the top reason that a big number of on different social media platforms just like LinkedIn company pages are so trendy nowadays.

LinkedIn Company Pages are the place to be for people who are looking to get hired but also for the companies with an objective of creating valuable communities to stay in touch with their customers as well as to get some marketing benefits for the company.

Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

In this age of huge competition, LinkedIn could be the great place for any business that needs to cultivate through networking, referrals, and mentorship etc.

With an elevated level of professional engagement and marketing opportunities, LinkedIn is a well known social network that a business cannot afford to take no notice of.

You should go through the whole post in order to have a clear idea about why LinkedIn Company Page can be great for businesses and why you must use LinkedIn for business.

What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

A big number of businesses and companies are limiting their potential & customer base because they don’t have a LinkedIn Company Page.

Basically, LinkedIn Company Page is a podium powered by the most famous social platform LinkedIn, and offers your business an implausible opportunity not only to advertise its services & products but also to recruit highly experienced professionals to run the business operations greatly as well as to convey business related details and updates that customers may need to know.

Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

Benefits of LinkedIn Company Page for your Business

If your company or business will have a Company Page, it will aid your LinkedIn based customers to learn about your company, brand and job opportunities to stay in touch with your company or business.

Just take your company page on LinkedIn as an addition to your website that will not only help you to drive traffic to your business site but also provides you an amazing social platform to endorse your products, services, and information about your brand or business.

In this era of professional competition, LinkedIn Company Pages are also a great way to establish industry know-how to help users polish their expertise.

benefits of company page on linkedin

How to Promote a Business with LinkedIn Company Page

A lot of ways are available to use LinkedIn for Business and creating a LinkedIn Company Page is one of them the offers your business countless chances and opportunities to grow swiftly.

How to create a LinkedIn Company Page

Creating a LinkedIn Company Page is not a rocket science but simple enough and can be done within a matter of minutes.

how to create company page on linkedin

All you need to create a LinkedIn Company Page is a personal LinkedIn account (you may need to create one if you don’t have an existing 1).

After that, just click on Create a Company Page to get started properly. Below are the basics that you may need to add there for getting your Company Page up and on the way.

  • Add your company

Just go for the option to the Add a Company page and put in your company name and work email address. After doing this, the LinkedIn support team will send a confirmation email to bear out that you are now entitled to create the Company Page for your own business or company.

  • Select the administration for your page

You can be the one man army in handling all the affairs of your company page but there is an option for you to add more team members or employees that can help you administer your page.

  • Fill in your company details

Now its time to tell more about your company by using the drop-down menus that you will be able to see after adding the administrators to the company page.

By using this feature, you can make things clear about your business or company such as the industry, size of the company, address and so on.

  • Company Page banner and logo

Make your LinkedIn company page attractive and appealing by uploading a company logo and eye-catching banner.

Remember to use a unique and alluring design for the LinkedIn company page banner in order to grab the attention of more people towards your brand or company rather than your customers.

  • An engaging company description

Now its time to play with words in order to create a 2,000 characters long company description to let your audience know about your brand or company.

It is something vital that will help you to elucidate that what your business does, and why people should care about.

  • Ready to go

Almost all done, just hit the publish button and get your company page live on LinkedIn.

Tips and best practices to boost LinkedIn Company Page

A company page has successfully been created but it does not mean that people will come automatically.

You have to do some hard work in order to improve your company page on LinkedIn and these Tips and best practices to boost LinkedIn Company Page can help you get better outcomes.

1. Enhance your page with company’s personality

First of all, think about your customers that why they should be staring at your company page and create content accordingly.

Company page banner should be creative enough to attract your audience and remember to add up other important links and company connections such as website, other social media platform links and blog etc.

best practices to boost LinkedIn Company Page

2. Allow your employees to connect with your company page on LinkedIn

It will take a bit while to be on right track and you can get it quickly by allowing your employees to connect with the company page.

Ask them to write something great about the company on regular basis in order to grow the audience in an amazing way.

Your employees can better educate your customers about the services and products you have to offer.

Hearten your employees to add your LinkedIn Company Page to their personal profiles in order to make the follower base strong.

3. Provide valuable content and stay in touch

Make a habit to add some valuable content and news about your business or industry on your company page on regular basis to engage your audience excellently.

Maintain consistency in posting updates and articles on the page for better user experience.

Be quick in responding their comments on your page posts and articles in order to show that you value their time and always ready to respond their queries.

Also ask them that what matters to them most, or what they’d love to read or watch from your side.

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