Know Basic Tips About Google’s Latest Santa Tracking App

Santa TrackerNORAD’s Santa Tracker has gone live today with the promise of bringing remarkable results that will help Google Analytics in a better way. In fact, this is Google’s 11th annual Santa Tracker that also helps us teaching the basics of coding. The best part about Santa Tracker is the fact that it is a few balance between fun and entertainment along with educational content. With the help of this, there are innumerable games which have been released. But all the games have one thing in common, and that is it teaches the basics of coding to people in some way or the other. People with little bit knowledge about coding can actually know a lot about it with the help of these games. In fact these games have been designed for learners wit basic understanding about coding.

As we all know, this Santa Tracker helps in enhancing the tracking system. Interestingly, there are several tracking opportunities for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+. It is very easy to work on these social media platforms with the help of these tracking devices.

NORAD and Continental Air Defence Command has been on the motive to track Santa’s movement throughout the time of Christmas Eve. This motive to track his movement has started mainly to trace his 50 year old habit of spreading joy and happiness across the globe among children. This joy and happiness spread through the process of giving gifts as we all know.

As per the latest estimates, Santa spends approximately four minutes in all his locations to spread joy. So let us provide you the 4 tips that will help in tracking Santa this time of the year.

  1. Google Maps – Google Maps help you tremendously to figure out the route that Santa takes in his journey across the globe. You can trail the sparkles because of the recent stops that he makes throughout his journey.
  2. Zoom into Locations – Tracing the location becomes easy only if you have the option to zoom into all the locations. Zooming into the locations will help you know about the list of places in detail.
  3. Check out the Videos – Videos enhance your visual display of the routes and help in getting clarity. This clarity helps in exploring the general route that is availed in most cases.
  4. Panoramic View – Clicking on the present icons is the best way to get the panoramic view of the place and most importantly of the location.

So make sure you know about these tips to get clarity about Santa Traceker.


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