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As a mobile responsive and fast loading website is vital for a solid online presence, reliable and appropriate web hosting are important to make sure a business website or blog will load quickly and run smoothly on web browsers. Choosing perfect web hosting is a significant aspect of how a site is presented in front of the users. Plenty of web hosting companies are out there who can help you to have such a hosting and InterServer is one of the reliable and affordable web hosting providers.

About Interserver

If you’re looking for inexpensive and dependable web hosting for your business website or blog without sacrificing the quality, then InterServer is worth considering. The company has successfully built a repute for reliability and high-end performance over its 20-year career as they started in 1999 and kept growing and acclimatizing to the latest technological changes and trends in the web hosting industry.

They not only offer web hosting but many other web-related services at affordable rates while promising the best quality and optimum performance. Their basic plans are attractive and the service becomes meaningfully more affordable as a user moves up in the other tiers. InterServer is a New Jersey-based company and offers its customers both Windows and Linux plans along with the cPanel dashboard which is very convenient to use. Their hosting packages, WordPress plans, 24/7 customer support, and price-lock guarantee, all are the lures for business owners and bloggers.

The company is reliable in the web hosting industry because it does everything related to hosting business in-house, just like building their own servers, developing a nationwide fiber-optic network, and continuously modifying their Linux kernels to provide their customers with excellent services. Web hosting experts at InterServer are using high quality and the latest hardware to ensure optimal performance and uptime for the businesses, websites, and blogs hosted on their servers.

What they Offer

The company comes with plenty of plans and offers including Shared Web Hosting, VPS and Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Registration for new domain names, and Colocation. Moreover, they also provide email hosting solutions for businesses and help them send and receive business emails via secured and virus-protected email servers. They use the BGPv4 routing protocol to provide their customers with a fast page loading speed and they use equipment and hardware coming from Cisco, Extreme Networks, and Riverstone.

Shared hosting solutions offered by the InterServer come with features that are great for both beginners and experts. Hardware like SSD servers, totally free Cloudflare CDN, RAID-10 level storage, free SSL certificates, and website builders, customers can get all the necessary services at a spot either to set up a new online presence or to shift an existing business to a reliable and awesome web hosting.

VPS hosting plans and Dedicated servers at InterServer come with a variety of features and affordable prices for small businesses to online stores and blogs. VPS hosting allows you to choose the options according to your own requirements like power, storage size, and memory, etc. You can also choose either Linux or Windows with VPS. Privately owned data centers and servers of the company are a plus point for webmasters as they are successfully managed out of the United States and provide the company with better control over their web hosting network. As they have built a larger network nationwide, InterServer is an ideal and reliable option for businesses of all types and sizes.

Their Guarantees

Successful companies and businesses always value their customers’ time and money. That is the reason, services offered by the InterServer come with several guarantees to provide their customers with something of great value in exchange for their money. Every customer is permitted to claim a refund of shared hosting fees within the first 30 days of subscription if found the services are displeased. Moreover, their all plans are designed with a guarantee of 99.5% uptime and 100% power. They are doing so to ensure their customers are getting great value in return of each penny spent on their services. All the facilities at InterServer are secured with biometric entry checkpoints, nonstop power, and HVAC units, and raised floors to prevent uncertainties and to keep customers’ data in safe hands. Moreover, the data centers of the company are staffed by highly trained specialists as well as security guards 24/7.

Customer Support

Experts at InterServer are always available to resolve customer queries and problems in real-time. The customer support center or the company is situated in Secaucus, New Jersey and promise that an expert will always be available via phone call, email, or live chat to answer your questions. The customer support center is active all year round 24/7 a week to stay in touch with customers for quick help and support.

Wrapping up

Webmasters say that hosting plays a significant role in building a strong and reliable online presence in terms of better site growth and search engine rankings. So, why not choose InterServer as they are offering reliable and affordable web hosting services along with a money-back guarantee? It could be a great choice for you while not sending your bucks into the wrong hands for poor services to nothing in return.

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