Everything You Need to Know About Shopping for Cat Supplies Online

Buying cat supplies can be daunting, especially for new cat owners. It’s crucial to ensure you have all the essentials your cat needs, from food and treats to scratching posts and litter boxes. This helps you ensure your pet is happy and comfortable while having a good time with you. Thanks to online shopping and eCommerce stores, we can order everything right from the comfort of our homes.

In this blog post, we’ll provide all the information you need to know when you shop for cat supplies online. We’ll discuss different types of products, how to find the right online pet supplies stores for your cat, and tips for getting the best deals. Keep reading to learn everything you need about online shopping for cat supplies!

The basics: litter, food, and water

The most critical basics when shopping for cat supplies are litter, food, and water. Every cat needs a safe place to eliminate, so litter is a must-have. Clumping litter is the most prevalent, making it easier to scoop up messes and keep the box clean. Make sure to choose a gentle dust-free variety on your kitty’s paws. 

In terms of food, there are many different types available for cats. Many veterinarians recommend dry food for cats, as it helps maintain good dental hygiene and provides a balanced diet. Wet food can be added as a tasty treat but should not be relied upon as the primary source of nutrition. Be sure to look for food formulated for cats rather than generic “all-purpose” pet food. You can also check food quality and ingredients via a quick online search.

Finally, fresh water should always be available for cats. Cats are sensitive to the taste and smell of water, so investing in a good water fountain can make drinking more appealing for your feline friend. It also helps keep the water fresh and filtered.

Toys, scratching posts, and climbing trees

Toys are a great way to provide cats with mental stimulation, physical exercise, and hours of entertainment. Cat toys come in all shapes and sizes, from simple balls and yarn to interactive puzzles and scratching posts. Catnip is also a great way to keep cats entertained.

Scratching posts are essential for a cat’s health. Not only do they give cats something to scratch, but they also help keep claws healthy and conditioned. Scratching posts also help protect furniture from damage and give cats a place to climb and jump. When choosing a scratching post, make sure it is sturdy, tall, and made from durable materials.

Climbing trees provide cats a place to jump, explore, and nap. Cats often feel safer when they are higher off the ground, so having a place to climb can give them security and provide mental stimulation. Look for a climbing tree made from strong material that provides plenty of areas for cats to explore. Be sure to place the tree in an area where cats won’t be disturbed or harmed. Just find a reliable online store and go through the pet toys they are offering. Then choose appropriate toys that align to your budget.

Beds, blankets, and towels

Your cat needs a comfortable place to sleep, and a bed, blanket, or towel can help. Look for soft and big beds for your cat to fit in. You should also have some blankets and towels handy to create a warm and cozy spot for them to curl up in. Consider getting some heating pads for those colder months!

Grooming supplies

When it comes to grooming supplies for cats, it’s essential to make sure you have the basics: brushes, nail clippers, and shampoo. Also, consider getting a flea comb and an ear-cleaning solution. This will help to keep your cat’s coat clean and healthy. 

You may also want to pick up some toothpaste and a toothbrush to help keep your cat’s teeth clean and free of plaque. It can be difficult to brush a cat’s teeth, so try to get a toothbrush designed specifically for cats. Don’t forget about scented kitty litter; this can help control odors in your home and make things more pleasant for you and your pet.

Additionally, having toys around is always a good idea. Not only can it help keep your cat active and entertained, but it can also help promote natural behaviors such as pouncing, swatting, and playing hide-and-seek. There are a variety of interactive toys that can provide hours of fun for both you and your feline friend! 

First aid kit

It’s important to be prepared for any potential medical issues your cat may experience, and a first aid kit is essential for this purpose. Be sure to stock your first aid kit with tweezers, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, bandages, styptic powder, and hydrogen peroxide. It’s also a good idea to keep a copy of your cat’s medical records in case of an emergency.


When you shop for cat supplies, there are a few essential items to consider. There is a lot to think about, from litter, food, and water to toys, beds, and grooming supplies. Make sure to plan and stock up on all the necessary items for your cat so that you’re always prepared and your cat is happy and healthy.

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