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Eric Dalius: An Advocate for AI in Recruitment Process

Employees are one of the most valuable assets of a company. They have a considerable role in profit and revenue generation. In light of this, businesses seek to recruit the best talent available in the industry. The human resources area is taking ample ways in implementing and executing digital transformation to attract talent. The recruitment process is on the way to digitization and escalating towards advanced technology. Here is when artificial intelligence (AI) comes into the picture. The plethora of benefits it offers in several industries, such as manufacturing, real estate, and retail, is now tested in all industries’ human resource departments.

Artificial intelligence takes credit for streamlining the recruitment process in an organization. By using AI techniques, you can find the ideal candidates to fill the positions at your company. The machine learning process has made it easy for businesses to streamline the hectic recruitment and talent acquisition procedures.

Eric Dalius Recommends Using AI in Hiring Processes

AI can potentially sort out candidates based on several factors that employers worry about. Below are a few examples of how you can employ AI in your recruitment processes.

Flawless Scanning of Online Applications

AI helps in automating the process of resume collections. Eric Dalius ponders that typically recruiters have to devote a lot of time to track down candidates that fit their criteria. They have to focus on parameters, such as keywords, workflows, and data points. However, with the advent of AI-based software, resumes’ scanning is a task that will take only minutes. AI makes the HR team digital recruiting consultants and considerably accelerates the selection process. It directly helps in prioritizing the best and ideal resumes to proceed with the recruitment.

Several surveys suggest that AI will become a regular part of the next five years selection process. Also, HR managers prefer AI techniques to save time and find the right talent for the company. A survey also stated that automation in the recruitment process has helped HR departments save almost fourteen hours a week.

Negligible Chance of AI Replacing Human Recruiters

Several skeptics believe if AI will offer a hindrance to their jobs. However, AI needs a human component to find the right talent. In a survey, sixty-five percent of HR managers did not see AI techniques as threatening their jobs.

Usage of a Physical Interview Robot 

Using a physical interview robot is an innovative technique that can help in searching for the best candidate. The method constitutes an amalgamation of interview analytics and natural language processing. It helps in analyzing the person’s skills and personality traits. Moreover, this technique’s best advantage is to interview without any biases.

An essential aspect of the physical interview robot depends upon the insertion of appropriate data into it. The potential of the robot will base on the information the human component feeds it. Moreover, one also needs to focus on the experience of the candidate. Every candidate will face the same interview experience, which can result in many future recruitment challenges.

Vetting Out Candidate’s Character

The remote working culture is growing tremendously in the wake of the pandemic outbreak. Organizations are looking forward to recruiting reliable people who will not cause any harm to the organization during the remote working process. AI can help significantly to hire remote employees and vet out the candidate’s character.

It might occur as hard to digest, but AI techniques can correctly assess the candidate’s honesty and ethics to determine if they are the right fit for your company. It has the ability to vet trustworthy people and distribute the company workforce accordingly. Such a positive functionality proves a boon on the business owners.

AI Powers Background and Reference Checks

A background and a reference check are vital to see if the candidate’s credentials are valid. Traditional means made this task tedious, with HR executives working more than ever to verify the candidates’ credentials in a less time frame.  However, with the evolution of AI techniques, the process is speeding like anything, and the scenario is changing drastically.

The AI-powered reference checks simplify the entire process. It permits employees to have more privacy and results in decreased cases of bias nature. One can verify the data efficiently and quickly in a highly scalable way. The conventional reference checks involved the bias surrounding the reliability of the person providing the reference.  Moreover, references do not receive automated reminders, so you cannot replicate the task for many jobs in hand. An AI-based reference check helps the company to avoid such issues. The software will automate the whole process, enabling the management to access all required details on a single platform.

Pay Packages for New Recruits

One of the most daunting tasks for HR professionals is to decide on the right compensation for a well-deserving candidate. The HR manager usually prefers the salary negotiation process.  However, it can take a lot of time, and in case of wanting urgent and immediate joining employees, the process might scare the right talent away. The correct package for the person will depend on several elements, such as soft skills, expertise, and experience. You also need to consider the local rules and regulations and the industry standards for the recruitment drive. Moreover, HR professionals need to decide on the overtime payments, paid leaves, joining bonus, health care benefits, compensations, and many more parameters.

AI-based techniques help in considering the geographical information and taking specific skills into account. Furthermore, business owners can opt for compensation software that simplifies the pay package process. Such software is cloud-based and does not create any hassle for the company in terms of hardware costs.

Recognizing the Strengths and Weaknesses

Hiring the ideal candidates for the vacant positions are essential. Apart from that, the HR professionals also need to work on building the teams’ strengths. Established and successful firms emphasize the team member’s expertise to achieve a great deal of success in the market. AI tools offer pre-employment assessments for all candidates and help deduce ways to convert their weaknesses into strengths.

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