Data Centre and IBM Support Services

data centreReputable companies online provide clients with great value for money data centre and IBM support services. Clients can benefit from global leaders in IBM cloud infrastructure as well as thousands of Windows applications. Hosting services are key to success however large or small your online business is. Online hosting service providers offer the following:-

  1. Stability of service – expect the services of professional technicians and engineers
  2. Stability of facilities – all sites are freehold
  3. Stability of power – low PUE contains rising electricity overheads
  4. Stability of cost – all contract rates are fixed for the life of the term

There’s no doubt about it, supply and hosting support services can work for you.

Get in touch with an online web hosting application consultant

To find out more about unrivalled data centre and IBM support services, get in touch with an online consultant. He or she can tell you more about:-

  • Data centre services – Regular clients received an early Christmas present with a 4 day 100% processing boost covering black Friday weekend.
  • Backup and recovery – 21st century backup and recovery challenges will protect your business’s critical data which is absolutely paramount to any organization.
  • IBM support – Say goodbye to old storage platforms like the DS8300 and DS8100 by making full use of a new IBM system.
  • Business continuity – There’s no need to worry about your data. Controlling system passwords, access to sites and online communication can be implemented into a more secure environment with the services of online specialists

Professional hosting server providers can also help your business to reduce operational costs while it grows.

Check out online testimonials

Many clients have taken the time to leave positive online testimonials about Blue Chip. Businesses as well as individuals have been more than happy with the IBM support on offer. There is a wide range of services on offer such as:-

  1. Cloud and data centre services – this includes remote system management, managed co-location hosting, networks and security
  2. On premises IBM sales and services – this comprises of IBM server hardware maintenance, operating system support, hardware supply and resellers
  3. Itheon business process and infrastructure monitoring – with this particular service system you can expect IBM operating system monitoring, AIX server operating system monitoring, Windows and Linux operating monitoring as well as ISV application

Environmental impact

When providing these types of data services, professional online companies also take the environment into account. Clients can be assured that the environmental impact is being measured and improved via the services provided. All the necessary steps are put into place to:-

  • Reduce the cost of waste management
  • Ensure there are savings in the consumption of energy and materials
  • Lower distribution costs
  • Improve corporate image among regulators, customers and the general public

It will only take a few minutes of your time to make contact with recommended online data centre services providers.


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