5 Important Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Projector

Whether it’s about having a product launch or any other event in an outdoor setting, projectors are always a good option. You can’t straight away buy a projector because it can be very expensive. After buying you would need a warehouse or some kind of space for its storage.

There will be a need for technical staff for its cleaning and maintenance. Taking these things into consideration buying doesn’t seem the right decision. Particularly for those who have recently entered the market. The other option would be the consideration of a rental company. This is a good one if you take into consideration some factors.

The consideration of factors is important because they provide multiple options to Rent a Projector London. Different event organizers have different needs. Therefore, it is good opting renting out a projector. If any event manager is clear about his event’s needs and considers all factors carefully, he will get the best out of all projectors. The other plus point is it won’t cost you much.

Considerations Before Renting Out an Outdoor Projector:        

There are various projectors available for hiring purposes. All of them consists of specific features for being suitable for different kinds of environment. The environment includes:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Corporate
  • Education

But for outdoor events look for the following features in a projector:

  • Easily cope with the bright light.
  • Easily portable.
  • Have a decent resolution.
  • Consists of multiple input ports.

Let’s discuss the features in detail for clarity.

1. Lumens Are Vital:

Ideally, you should use a projector in a dark environment. This is considered the best environment for watching content via projector. The darker surrounding means ease in viewing the screen. However, in the real world, this is not the case.

Whether it’s a corporate event in the morning or a client meetup in the afternoon. It is obvious that in outdoor events light would be a problem. Therefore, Rent A Projector London should be capable of handling bright or daylight. That kind of projector can provide a good quality image.

In technical terminology, this quality is known as lumens. Lumens are the total amount of visible light emitted by a light source to the human eye. The higher lumens allow you to press play on your presentations. The rule of thumb says hire a projector of 2000 lumens or higher. This will make a significant difference in the outcome of the event. This also allows you to arrange an event at any time of the day.

2. Portability Factor Is Important:

The portability factor makes the transportation of the projector easier. The lightweight projector is easy to save from damage. Even at the venue, you can transport the projector to any place. So, prefer those projectors while hiring that is lightweight. But do remember this is an important factor after lumens. Compromise on lumens is not acceptable at all.

3. Higher Resolution:

Projectors with higher resolution are extremely beneficial to hire. They provide a clear picture quality that conveys the message. The total high-definition projector is at least 1080p. The communication of message can’t be compromised similarly resolution can’t.

4. Suitable For Video Inputs:

Now, this is the time to press the start button for the presentation. But when you grab your laptop, it doesn’t connect with the projector. A huge blunder happens. The event has been ruined. Make sure to check the connectivity of the projector with the source of display.

Whether that source is a laptop, Blue-ray player, or any other thing. Don’t forget that most projectors consist of VGA ports. These ports are not present in many laptops. Therefore, do your complete research to make sure that the projector can work well with the source you want to use.

5.Options Of a Projector:

There is a suggestion of few projectors that can be used for an outdoor event this summer.

  • NEC NP3250W
  • Optima EH120
  • Sanyo PLC XU-110

These projectors can prove themselves a better choice for outdoor events.

Packing It Up!

To make the right choice among the multiple projectors it is important to consider the above-mentioned factors. Because to make available the ideal dark environment is not possible every time. So, you should consider those projectors which can produce the result in bright light. Projectors having lumens of 2000 or more and at least 1080p are suitable for outdoor events.


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