Bing Maps Goes Through A Welcome Change – Travel Planning Becomes Even Easier Now

Bing mapsAs per recent reports, Bing has crossed the 20% threshold in search perhaps for the first time in the month of March, 2015. This news is according to the new US desktop search report that was released in the first week of July, 2015. But that’s not the end to it. Since Microsoft serves Bing results on Yahoo, the effective number of Americans who are using Bing is 1 among 5. Although Google remains the dominant search platform for majority of the online users, its share slipped slightly and has remained static at 65%.

Meanwhile there has been a recent Bing update to the Bing Maps as a completely redesigned version has been rolled out and has been currently set as an option. People can use the new look and they can also stick to the old look. According to reports by Bing, this redesigning was inspired by the feedback of the user and if you judge it properly, the company has also not been able to keep up with the pressures of the other contemporaries like Google maps.

The new Maps product comes with enhanced search functionality with the capability to view, search and share multiple places all at a time. You can now search for multiple locations, through different categories and you can also organize your searched-for locations in the format of a card. This way you can compare locations based on the review score, distance and hence this will also simplify your travel planning as well. You can easily plan going around a place that has multiple stops.

You can now explore everything that is around you, from tourist attractions to restaurants to different commercial places. This is rather an improvement over the cumbersome restrictions of Google of displaying locations on a map one category at a time. One more new feature is the ‘Along the Route’ which has been designed to alert travellers of the different stops that might be of interest.

Just like the Bing adcenter update, this is another noteworthy update that needs to be mentioned. With the new changes, you can review scores and photos that are included in the search results, get an approximate travel time as per different traffic conditions, you can save your favorite destinations and you can even share travel plans with your friends. Apart from this update, there is yet another significant Bing adcenter update which you may look upon.


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