Automated Vs. Traditional Product Photography in 2022

The art of product photography means capturing the best features of the product. This way, companies can show how good their products and services are. A decent photo can get people to look at any product. But, a high-quality photo can get them to consider buying it.

For example, you have to get a diamond earring’s best angle and shot to entice customers. You should also find a way to make tuxedos eye-catching. Successfully doing so involves a lot of aspects including closely working with the models, if there are any.

Getting a good photographer offers a lot of benefits to businesses. Their photos can heavily influence a buyer’s decision in purchasing a product. Thus, it enhances conversion rates and revenue for any company.

There are two methods for doing product photography. Traditional photography uses traditional film cameras, while automated photography uses digital cameras. Even as technology advances, some product photographers still use traditional film cameras.

So, what is the difference between the two? This article will discuss the difference between these two photography methods. That way, you can decide for yourself which of the two you should use for product photography.

Comparing Automated and Traditional Photography

Automated and traditional photography use cameras that have an aperture, shutter, and ISO settings. Both cameras also have a lens, viewfinder, and flash. These are all important features when it comes to product photography. While that is the case, there are certain distinctions between the two methods.

1 Price

Price is an important factor when deciding which method of photography to use. It’s an investment well worth it, regardless of which camera you choose. 

In the long run, digital photography is less expensive. You can quickly correct mistakes by capturing a new one without having to sacrifice any film. Traditional photography, on the other hand, needs you to spend more when you make a mistake.

2 Quality of Image

Digital cameras include an automated mode that takes care of the exposure and image focus for you. It’s better to keep your camera in program or manual mode for the best results. This makes capturing photos easier. With the right photo editing app, you can correct mistakes such as too much contrast.

For example, a wedding ring made of diamonds needs advanced technology to emphasize its shine, cut, and edges. A diamond’s cut refers to how a diamond is polished. It also determines the stone’s proportions, depth, and symmetry. 

If you can zoom in on this, you can produce pictures that differentiate an excellent cut from a poorly-cut diamond. It also is more marketable since customers can actually see its features.

For this reason, automated photography is your best choice. Digital cameras like the DSLR can be fitted with the right type of lens that can magnify the diamond’s features. Macro lenses with short focal lengths allow you to zoom in on the diamond.

3 Convenience

When it comes to convenience, you need to think about how much time you want to devote to it. Digital photography is the way to go for quick and efficient images. If you’re using a smartphone, the entire procedure can take as little as 10 minutes. And this already includes capturing the photo, editing it, and distributing it.

If you have the time, investing in traditional photography can provide excellent results. The same shooting, processing, scanning, and editing process can take three days or more. It also takes a lot more time to send your film to a company to develop the negatives for you.

You can develop your own images. However, you also need to know how to deal with chemicals that come with developing negatives. Additionally, you need to be familiar with the best scanners for digitizing your photos.

4 Battery Life

Most film cameras don’t need batteries to capture pictures. Those that do can be replaced easily and last a long time. On the other hand, digital cameras have unique batteries that can quickly deplete. Photographers would need to carry extra batteries to maintain their battery life.

Product Photography

Product photography doesn’t mean taking pictures of a product on a white background. You should use appropriate techniques depending on the kind of product you’re shooting.

For example, taking pictures of jewelry needs you to get close up with the product. Wedding rings, particularly diamonds, are small. That’s why the shot must focus on the diamond’s cut, color, and clarity. 

All these features set them apart from each other. A good diamond ring photograph can capture all these without sacrificing its quality or beauty.

Not only that but you should also show other aspects such as the different types of diamonds. Whichever type you’re working with, the right background and lighting remove its flaws from the picture.

For example, natural and lab-created diamonds have a gray and white gleam in the stone. You can also see a reflection of rainbow-colored light onto other surfaces. The fake ones don’t, so you have to be careful with the lighting you use. Diamond enthusiasts will know the difference between a fake one and a genuine one.

The best way to photograph diamond jewelry is to show as much detail as possible. You need to invest in the best photography equipment to do this. But first, you need to decide which method of photography to use. 


Businesses wanting to produce pictures of their goods hire product photographers. They use different photographic methods to take appealing images of the product. This can influence any shoppers’ purchase decisions.

This can also mean good news for a product photographer. Different factors can help you, as a photographer, increase your online sales. One of these includes successful product photography. When that happens, more businesses will be in line to hire you.

If you’re serious about photography, you should not choose between the two methods. Both of them provide you with a unique set of advantages. You just need to know which one to use for different kinds of product photography.

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