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Also known as Managed IT Services, we provide IT Support Edinburgh to businesses across Scotland from Edinburgh. Outsourcing information, security, and technology in your business allow you to empower your team to concentrate on what’s most important.

Our mission is to implement IT best practices and provide support, installation, monitoring, and updating IT networks. The scope of services and offerings is based on the ten core elements of our unique IT Baseline Standard, which covers everything from strategy to cybersecurity and remote working.

Our proven six-step onboarding process makes it easy to switch to IT Foundations. We also offer a 30-day no-hassle guarantee that allows you to cancel at any time.

Our IT support services for businesses include:

Proactive Monitoring

IT Foundations will monitor your organization’s technology and alert you when it is in danger. They will also work quickly to resolve any issues.

Reactive support

You can reach our team by phone or email during business hours. We never outsource, and our technical experts are available to answer your phone calls. We want to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

Patching and updating

To keep your systems safe and running as they should, we automatically install Microsoft updates. If you have to reboot, we’ll remind you.

Strategy & Management

We spend time getting to know your business IT requirements, and then we create a roadmap for the future and recommendations for budgeting. Regular reviews and reporting help you get the best out of your IT and our services.

Policies & Training

You will receive a collection of IT policies to edit and share with the team. We want you and your team to follow the agreed best practices at work, home, or on the road.

Data Protection

Businesses that store or have access to sensitive data must be able to identify and protect it. Our team is available to assist with everything from training to identification, tagging, alerting, and reporting.

Cyber Security

Our services include cybersecurity. This is not an option, and there are no additional fees for core services. It is there to protect your business and your employees.

Backup and Recovery

You can rest easy knowing your most valuable data is safe and secure in the cloud. We regularly test backups for integrity and simulate business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios.

Remote Work

Remote support and management of your home workers can be done remotely using our monitoring and support tools. Your team can also use the same tools remotely.

Questions frequently asked

Who is IT Considered?

Our team of IT specialists in Edinburgh is dedicated and knowledgeable. We will work tirelessly to ensure your business runs smoothly, securely, and reliably.

Our team is the perfect size to support your company. IT is not just one person working in his spare bedroom, but also a large, caring corporation.

Our friendly technicians will get you and your staff to know you like no other IT company.

What are your charges and additional fees?

Our Unlimited IT Support Edinburgh is available at a fixed fee. Other services such as the Disaster Recovery Suite or our VOIP Telephone System may be available. We’ll talk with you about this in advance.

How fast can you react to and solve problems?

Standard SLA is 4 hours. We will usually resolve your problem within 24 hours of receiving your call or one hour after raising the issue.

What can you do to avoid problems?

We monitor your IT infrastructure24/7, 7 days per week to make sure it works as expected. We are alerted immediately when something goes wrong, and we take immediate action to fix the problem – often before you even know!

What are your steps to safeguard our business data?

We conduct regular internal vulnerability scanning to identify and resolve potential issues. We maintain and patch your server every week.

We are ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified. All our clients are certified to Cyber Essentials Plus. However, this certification is optional.

How can we get the most out of IT in the future?

We are always open to new ways of working. We can advise you on the best ways to run your IT business, whether it’s accounting software or other solutions.

How would your company manage the handover of our current provider?

We have a refined onboarding process. It has been tested and approved by ISO 9001 to ensure that disruptions are minimal. To make the transition seamless, we work closely with the current provider.

Which clients are you working with?

We have worked with many organizations, public and private, from household names to SMEs.

We’re a good fit if you have between 10-30 employees in Edinburgh.

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