Affiliate Marketing VS Google Adsense – Which One is Best

The Internet is the most popular way of earning these days as it provides copiousness of methods to generate income even without leaving your home.

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn online but when it comes to earning via blogging, there are two main platforms that hit your minds straight away, affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.

These two ways of online earning are espoused by most bloggers not only to earn money online so they can manage blogging costs but in order to enjoy a quality lifestyle as well.

In this piece of writing, we are about to perform a thorough comparison of affiliate marketing vs Google Adsense to let people know which is the best to earn more money online. Lets we start with affiliate marketing;

What is affiliate marketing?

 It is the process of promoting the products or services of a company via your blog, website, or social media platforms so the company or vendor can get more sales.

In return for your efforts, an affiliate company like Amazon pays you a handsome percentage of commission on each sale made via your referral link.

For instance, after joining an affiliate program, if we promote discounted hosting offers of a hosting providing company and someone purchases through the link placed on the blog or website, the company will pay an agreed commission amount to us in return.

Affiliate marketing is a common and profitable way of online earning worldwide because it gives you more without spending lots of effort.

How to earn via affiliate marketing

In order to earn a handsome amount of money via an affiliate program, you have to encourage people via your blog or website to purchase products or services of the company you are affiliated with.

You can do it beautifully by writing reviews on different products or services that you want to promote.

Email marketing can also help you a lot to secure more sales but your email must be written well and with quality content to hearten people buy.

You can choose products from the list according to the market or niche of your blog that you can sell more easily to the target customers.

Pros and cons of affiliate marketing

Now is the time to decide whether you should go with affiliate marketing to earn bucks or not

Pros Of Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing account is very easy to approve that allows you to earn instantly by making sales.
  • They offer a good percentage of commission on each sale made via your referral link
  • Affiliate links help you maintain your user experience on the blog or website
  • Affiliate program is a great way to earn online for blogs that are getting low but target traffic
  • Affiliate links and ads are easy to place on a blog or website and also look more beautiful

Con’s Of Affiliate Marketing

  • Most of the affiliate companies look at your blog personally according to their policies which may cause application rejection in case your blog doesn’t follow the policies
  • Selection of the right products to earn more is a vital and hard task as well
  • It may take lots of time to make your very first sale to start earning
  • You will need quality and engaging content on your site to get more from affiliate marketing

By taking these smart strategies for affiliate marketing, you can double your online income efficiently.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an ad program powered by the most famous search engine Google. With help of an approved AdSense account, a blogger can place ads on his or her blog to earn money online.

It is one of the best and great ways for bloggers to earn money online. The Google Adsense program also provides Grants for non-profit organizations. Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on the PPC for donations. Google ads for nonprofits give access to easily $10,000 per month for charitable and donation causes.

When your readers or visitors view or click on ads placed by Google on your blog, your AdSense account start showing the money that you are earning through this way.

In order to earn more via Adsense, your blog must have a good number of daily visitors.

How to earn via Google Adsense

After filling up the application form provided by google, you will be able to submit an application for AdSense approval. Once your application is reviewed by the concerned professionals, they will let you know via email whether your account is approved or rejected.

After getting an email from the google Adsense team with ‘congratulation’, you are ready to place ads on your blog, and now it’s time to earn via Google Adsense by getting massive traffic and visitors.

In order to get something more through Adsense, you have to search for the high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords so you can get more on each and every click on ads by readers.

Why Google Adsense is good or bad to earn online

Now its time to decide whether you will earn more via your AdSense account or not

Pros Of Adsense

  • Easy to start, just place ads on the sidebar, header, or in posts and start earning
  • You just need to drive traffic to your blog after writing quality content, Google AdSense will pay you more
  • Multiple payment features make the Google AdSense number one way of online earning
  • There is no proper maintenance required, just place ads on the blog and it will start paying you out

Con’s Of Adsense

  • Google AdSense account is hard to get approved in most the countries
  • If there are no high CPC keywords on your site, the income will be lower as well
  • You cannot place your favorite ads on your blog because Google operates the process of ad placement
  • After placing google ads on your blog, you may face problems with user experience on it
  • Ads may make your blog or site slow

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