Top 3 Ingredients of Attractive Meme

The meme is the most viral and shareable content on social media platforms. Memes can be anything from simple images to videos or GIFs with catchy and humorous taglines. Memes are also considered as one type of content that is designed and created to be shared with your friends. 

Nowadays, memes created by famous meme makers are generating massive traction. This is because people can connect emotionally with the context of the memes. Some world-class memes such as Grumpy Cat or Success Kid have sharpened the meme industry. 

Apart from entertaining individuals, memes can also be used for the marketing purposes of business. When businesses incorporate memes in their marketing campaigns, they make their brand much more relevant to their audiences. 

Here are the top 3 things that are extremely important to create attractive memes for your business. 

Always Showcase Your Sense of Humor While Creating Memes

The primary objective of the memes from Meme Scout is to spread positivity and humor. However, deep down in the core, there’s a witty side of the memes that represents our way of communication, politics, and the mainstream media. Even though the subject matter of the memes should be funny, but making the memes relatable in the form of witty messages will help you to create relatable and shareable memes for your business. 

For instance, SEO Moz is an online marketing company that announced that it would raise $18 million in funding through witty memes. This helped them to gain a lot of buzz. Despite the seriousness of the subject, remaining witty with your business memes is extremely important to achieve success. 

Create Memes from Existing Brands

Hijacking the memes from popular brands and uploading them with some twist in messages is one of the famous methods of creative eye-catching memes for your business. This is known as memejacking. Nowadays, the popularity of memejacking is so high brands are hiring professional meme-makers to create attractive memes for their business. Memejacking will not only showcase the unique twist of brands but also create relevant meme content. 

For instance, the meme series of Ryan Gosling’s “Hey Girl” was so popular that General Electric started recreating them with their voice. 

Don’t forget to know the best memes of the week so that you can identify the specific contents that are gaining much more activities than the others. This will help you to create top-notch memes for your business. Check Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for the best memes worldwide. 

The Meme Should be Relatable to Your Brand

As per a Facebook study, uploading content that is highly relatable to your business and brand image is one of the greatest ways to boost relevant engagement rates on social media platforms. As per The UK Domain, social media engagement rates will help you to create better brand awareness. This information is applicable for most marketing platforms because the consumers associate the content with the expertise of your business. Despite the context of the meme, make sure they are relatable to your brand. 

You can also implement memes to your recent products launch events. Additionally, using trending topics for the meme will make your promotion more effective. 


These are the top 3 necessary things that will help you to create attractive memes for your business. Do you have any questions or doubts? Comment down below to let us know and we’ll solve it.

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