New 6 Seconds Bumper Ads Introduced By YouTube – What Are They?

YouTube bumper adsOff late, YouTube has accounted a brand new format of ads which is all about briefness. The Product Manager recently quoted in a blog post that YouTube has been exploring various formats which suit better for the users who watch videos on smartphones. This was the reason behind creating Bumper ads, which are video ads that are just 6 seconds long. The entire idea behind such extremely short videos is not at all new as by the name it can be well understood that they sought inspiration from the brief and short bumper videos which they used to see on TV. As videos which are shown online get shorter with time, ads will get more suit.


Is this a complement to the ad formats which already exist?

While YouTube has changed this format, at the same time they think that these bumper YouTube ads complement the existing ad formats instead of replacing them. The entire idea behind this is that the advertiser could operate an entire YouTube campaign which is based on a longer video and then in between use the Bumper ads which reinforce the message to reach out to more and more viewers. Bumpers are non-skippable as they’re extremely short.

For instance, there’s a company called Atlantic Records which utilized bumper videos to endorse the second album of their brand, Rudimental. Each of the bumpers that they used highlighted and put stress on one of the guest musicians who were invited there. Meanwhile, Audi, Germany used a longer video ad and gradually cut it to smaller snippets. If you’re still not used to such bumper ads, you can definitely visit YouTube, click on any video and then wait for the YouTube bumper ads to follow up soon.

People love to think of Bumper ads as the haikus of online video ads and they’re rather interested in checking out what steps the creative community will take about them. The bumper YouTube ads will be available to the advertisers in the month of May.

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