Link building and its immediate consequences – Throwing light on facts

link-buildingThere are many articles on the web which discuss about the exact time it takes for link building to have an impact on search engine rankings. Research reveals that high end link building has a quick and persistent positive effect. We’ve got some case studies on companies which are successful in generating high quality links, for clients who are non-retailer and which concentrated in a short time frame with link building component restrained to few days. Check out the case studies to know more on the time it takes for link building to impact ranking.

Case I – Social Justice

During this case study, experts ran a link building program for a law firm which involved issues on specific women’s rights. All the links were generated in between a period of 3 days. Inbound traffic jumped soon by around 20% just after the launch of the campaign.

Case II – Class Action

This case represented a law firm which filed a class action suit against a restaurant chain and utilized the social media to promote the potential litigants and easily generated links with the suit. There was almost an 18% increase in inbound search traffic soon after the huge influx of traffic from the paid social media campaign.

Case III – Famous Personal Injury Lawsuit

It was a one-off link building experience in which the client filed a personal injury lawsuit against a reputed technology company. The resulting coverage in large news sites spilled into secondary news sites with 115 domains linked overall. You could witness the increase in search traffic which was driven by the search of brand names followed by a consistent increase of 46% in search traffic throughout the domain. On further investigation, the technical platform of the site had various issues. The company was dropping large number of links on broken site, thereby resulting in an increase in traffic.

Case IV: Turkey Day Blowout

This was the most successful as there was a delay between the link building efforts and the increase in traffic. This was one of the cleverest content marketing projects which was purposely set to launch at Thanksgiving.

So, while it is only 4 different data points, where there is a dramatic improvement of the authority of a site through high quality links, it can be said that there was an immediate and persistent betterment in search traffic performance.


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