Essential Elements of Modern and Cool Website Design- Latest Web Design Trends

Cool website design is something that grabs your attention at first sight and draws you in to check the other elements and content you need. Most of the people think that a website built in 2015 is modern but everything related to 2018 is already outdated. Web design trends change every year due to the latest tech inventions and business or web design companies here should consider the latest web design trends while creating or renovating the web presence (website).

With plenty of modern website design elements and trends to choose from, we have listed some essential and latest web design trends here that you can include in your strategy to improve visitor’s experience and site’s performance as well.

1- Overall Layout and Visual Appearance

Overall layout and visual appearance, is one of the most vital web designing elements to be considered carefully. In order to have a first great impression and to make your audience WOW, make sure your pages loads quickly and properly on different screens. Layout should be appealing yet simple and clean. Plenty of white space on web pages allows the other elements and content to be viewed properly.

2- Design for the Users

A website should be designed for users not to boost search engine ranking. Tend to do things that are good for users and search engines too. User-Friendly web design can help you rank higher rankings in search engines as Google love to provide its users with something really useful and easy to understand. A sleek and easy to navigate site keeps the users engaged and returning that contributes a lot in search engine ranking. So, try to use quality and striking content and elements on the site and optimize for the users to grab a huge number of loyal and repeated visitors.

3- Simple and Easy Navigation

Navigation of the site should be easy and simple too. Also, keep the navigation menus to a minimum to not overwhelm your users. Easier navigation also includes tools that help users to view the site’s element and content conveniently. A site with parallax scrolling that includes directional arrows make the site more user-friendly. Such things make it easier for a user to go through the site conveniently and effectively.

4- Utilize some SEO-Boosting Elements

Plenty of web design elements are out there that can give an incredible boost to your SEO efforts. Most of the things are invisible that cannot be seen with naked eyes but can be found in the coding performed at backhand and posts published on the business blog. Use of target keywords in meta tags, title tags, headings, image alt tags, and essential HTML coding can do a lot for you to rank higher in search engines. Several plugins are also available in the marketing that can help you boost search engine optimization for your site.

5- Speed Optimization

Optimization of web pages for speed is one of the most essential elements of modern and cool website design. Due to the latest mobile technology and high-speed internet, users cannot wait for a slow-loading website and they move immediately for a better one to get they really need. Make sure your site loads all its elements and contents immediately and the following tips can help you a lot in this matter:

  • Make image optimization your priority in order to make your site lightweight and fast loading
  • Use compressed files to make them open quicker
  • Minimize HTTPS requests
  • Invest in a dedicated hosting plan to make sure it loads your site properly with maximum up-time

6- Strong but Limited Color Scheme

Appealing and strong color usage on the website is very important to make your site attractive and cool as makes all the elements work well when a great and appealing color combination is selected. Don’t make your website rainbow, but try to utilize colors that are visible in your business branding or logo. A simple yet creative color scheme makes your website easier to focus and understand.

7- Relevant Calls-to-Action

CTAs are vital for professional websites and should be created and placed accordingly. Whether you want visitors to buy something or to sign up for your newsletter, make calls to action tempting and easy to follow. Use short forms and ask for limited personal details as people really don’t like to provide you with a lot of personal info even you are offering a free eBook or coupon codes. Hire a reliable digital marketing agency or a freelancer that can design alluring and most relevant calls to action for your site. If you have basic design skills, then you can make use of free graphic designing software to create CTAs yourself.

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