Cloud Monitoring and its Benefits

The rise of cloud monitoring services is a trend seen almost universally, applicable to both commercial and personal use cases. There already exists 1 exabyte, equivalent to over 1 billion gigabytes. In terms of providers, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all provide cloud services and are competing for market share in the new industry. As such, it is easy to see the potential for cloud services.

The Rise of Cloud Monitoring

However, its swift rise has given the opportunity to inefficiencies and large room for improvement. For most IT professionals, the constant addition of new features makes it even more difficult to keep up with everything. Paradoxically, the virtualization of services has made some processes more difficult to view and, consequently, making troubleshooting a more troublesome process. Additionally, cloud services are tailor-made for cloud developers, leaving network engineers with tools that are sprawled across various platforms and insufficient to assess their problems.

As a result of this poor visibility, 31% report an inability to monitor workflows with more reporting delays in both troubleshooting and network performance. Despite the compounding inconveniences, the benefits of cloud services are undeniable. More space-efficient storage and plenty of potential for upside growth will prove to be a good investment and decent future-proofing. The solution that helps to weigh the present risks with both present and future rewards? Cloud monitoring.


From lessened security vulnerabilities to more cost-efficient spending, cloud monitoring is ideal for not only mitigating risks but to maximize efficacy. For instance, LiveAction allows network operators to better assess problems with cloud application data and cloud flow data, which was previously a hassle to obtain. Most importantly, cloud monitoring helps to differentiate between network problems or application problems, which is paramount when attempting to troubleshoot. Cloud monitoring paired with cloud services culminates into a smoother and, ultimately, more effective commercial operation that can easily propel any business forward.

The Importance of Cloud Monitoring & Why It’s So Hard

Source: Live Action

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