Changes to Facebook Video Metrics – Essential information for marketers

facebook video metricsFor businesses and marketers on Facebook, better video metrics is critically important, especially considering the fact that users are watching more than 100 million hours of video everyday, as per recent studies. This is the main reason behind Facebook making 5 changes to video metrics in Page Insights, adding a few new metrics and changing the way in which other things are measured. Take a look at few changes to Facebook video metrics which all businesses and marketers need to know and remain updated. Here are few.

#1: Aggregate Minutes viewed

Facebook has added this new feature of aggregative minutes viewed by people. This is a new metrics which allows you to see the total number of minutes your viewers spend while watching all your videos. Till now, you could only see the number of minutes users watched your individual videos but now you can view the time of all videos.

#2: Benchmarks on video metrics

Facebook is also adding a benchmark to aggregated metrics and graphs to that you can compare present and previous performances. Based on the time period which is selected, benchmarks are calculated, as per Facebook. For instance, if a publisher chooses a 7 day period of measurement, the benchmark will include data from 7 days before.

#3: Aggregate video views

Facebook is eliminating the aggregate 10-second video views. Now Page Insights will show aggregation for 3-second video views. In case you wish to see statistics for 10-second views for videos which move forward, this will be available through Facebook Graph API.

#4: Date range analysis

You can now see the performance of all videos during a certain time period. Until now you could only check the metrics for the videos which were uploaded during a specific time frame. But now you can see the same for all videos.

#5: Sorting options are new

Last but not the least, Facebook will allow you to sort out your top 50 videos for a chosen time period. You can do this by the total number of people viewing it or the total minutes viewed.

Therefore, if you’re a Facebook marketer or you have a business of your own and also a Facebook business page, you should take into account the above mentioned Facebook metrics which have been updated.


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