An Overview About Pendo

Pendo is conferred the tag of a product analytics app where companies develop software products which resonate with customers. The use of this app would enable the software developers a wide range of tools in their products which is bound to provide quality product experience to the users.  For a product team new insights are provided. The focus of the company has been on product innovation along with customer loyalty.

The features of Pendo

Falling under the preview of Pendo cloud suite It ends up providing a series of features to companies.

  • Insights- as the features are product enabled a product team would be able to monitor or record but gain vital insights on how the users would interact with the app, or be it digital content.
  • Sentiment- with the help of this tool, the software makers embed a series of survey questions or polls may be a feature on to an app. The product teams would pose questions on hyper centric issues present during the journey of an user. They would be able to capture and depict result at specific times.
  • Guidance- the feature of guidance functionality might ensure friendly breakthroughs and be providing healthy reminders in due course of time. Such a feature enables feature adoption and future boarding.
  • Feedback- the functionality works out to be a two way form of communication. An app maker is able to generate feedback and users are updated on the status and suggestions requests.

The founder team of Pendo had years of experience behind them where they worked for successful companies like Google , Amazon. Though the founders were of the opinion that the product managers had to rely upon engineering power on the customers opinion about a product. it gives an idea on the factors which lead to an increase or decrease of customer loyalty . This may have an impact on profit and revenue generation. In a manner the first mission which actually drives Pendo today is to give item supervisors a chance to comprehend and work out on things which is liable for the accomplishment of an item.

The behavioural analytics, would enable you to evaluate data over a period of time. Mainly the focus is on the drop out points and the time you will be spending on the app. So as to enable effective form of targeting based on behaviour you can formulate custom oriented groups. With the aid of templates or customized features, it is bound to provide support for high end functional guides.

The positives of Pendo

A unique feature of pendo is that it integrates product analytics or a net promoter score and all of them is under a single roof. What it means is that you may custom certain type of messages to specific audiences. It turns out to be a major investment as there are various benefits. For starting analytics it is easy to integrate the software but you require a daily day to day job deriving maximum analytics from it.

The issues plaging Pendo

There is no denying the fact that the company a long way. It is growing at an exponential pace and the results are there for everyone to see. They have gone on to improve the platform as correction might take place over time. Though  the experience settings would be taking some amount of time. Pendo pricing is another major point of concern.

Feature is something that would not be available to the users immediately but it contains UI elements. Till this point of time some form of productivity issues were common. Any product works out to be superior when the customer purchases it. You should make it an engine that would drive future growth. Be aware of what are the needs of your customers and what it takes at your end to develop innovation. A module of analytics has to comprehend on what the users are looking in the product journey. One of the steps might be targeted messaging.

To conclude, with the aid of Pendo, you can enhance customer experience by deploying surveys and polls. It is done when you combine quantitative and qualitative data. On the app itself you can develop feedback forms or compute NPS.

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