Want To Lead The Game With PPC Trends for 2017

Keep yourself up to date with the technology trends especially in PPC if you want to lead the game. You must be familiar with PPC updating and trends in 2017 to reap the benefits from it. Here are some hot predictions that you have to consider for earnings in 2017.

Google AdWords

Google declared a major change to make sure better control of device level bidding in Adwords in the most recent improvements. Mobile based bidding was back, it was confirmed in an announcement in 2016. This proves that Google passed back to hold to advertisers over how much they can offer traffic to mobile, tablet, and desktops. This thing helps them to decide how much they can disburse per click on each device.

More space for text ads

Google is now providing more space for advertisers in expanded text ads by doubling the size of PPC ads on Adwords, giving advertisers more opportunities to gain clicks.

Google is now organizing its text ad formats from personal computers to Android devices giving space to advertisers publishing 30 characters headlines instead of 25 characters headlines. Also, the limital low advertisers limit for description copies up to 80 characters instead of 35 characters.

Google is also providing a facility to advertisers of responsive ads to automatically resize and adjust according to the content being searched by the expected viewers.

Shopping feed update

Google also facilitates the advertisers through shopping feed specification update which means to update the information needed to run shopping ads. Unit pricing for all categories is available to make sure of consistency in the displayed prices. Specifications like size and colors must be required to make sure of a better and more reliable shopping experience.

This will allow advertisers to make sure that their ad contains accurate prices, specifications and availability of information in a reliable manner.

Video ad promotion

Video ad campaigning gets stronger day by day since 2015 after its launching, and seems to be improving in 2017. It became popular rapidly among marketers and businesses with Facebook and it is going to become a mainstream medium of advertisement in 2017 of Google.

This tendency matches now a day’s climate with the busy life of users who prefer to watch the video instead of reading the phrase. Hence a video ad attracts more audience as it is more reliable and user-friendly and helps to generate more clicks and views.

Above all the features it is cost effective to generate a video ad campaign. Because no specific technical skills are required to run videos advertisement, just basic knowledge of necessary equipment and production techniques are enough.

Interactive advertising

The consumer’s habit to look for a possibility to experience services and products before they buy, Google brings this opportunity for its app users. Some of the apps in the Google play store are available to use for at least one minute before downloading. This will help users in choosing the app. This is more beneficial for app users but not for app developers.

It’s not so far when advertisers offer users to try their products before buying their products by using interactive ads for consumers through showcasing their products.

Fawad Malik

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