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Top 6 Software Development Blogs to Read

Software is everywhere and it’s eating the world. It’s also one of the most well-paid professions. According to labor department statistics, a programmer is paid 400% more than a teacher, 300% more than a bioengineer, 200% more than an investment manager, and often 100% more than a doctor. Such a huge salary difference requires a lot of mental power as developing software isn’t an easy job. The way software is developed is changing at a light speed and you constantly need to keep up with the latest innovations in the industry.

As a professional software developer, you need to improve system architectures, collaborate with designers, write secure code, create quick software prototypes, and implement UI/UX to provide your clients with excellent finished products. All these things require polished and well-versed skills that needs to be improved to stay ahead of the competition and get paid the most. Since a lot of online coding bootcamps are out there, reading professional software developer blogs is another best and cheapest way to stay in the loop.

List of Top 6 Software Development Blogs

Here we have created a list of what we think are the top 5 software development blogs that will keep you up to date in your developer career.

1- Cat on Mat

Looking for a fun way to learn how to code or want to improve your developer workflow? Catonmat is a highly recommended blog for you. This blog consistently publishes best coding practices, the latest programming book reviews, and utilities for working faster in Linux and Windows. It’s written in an accessible style and has tips for both beginners and experts. Coding can be simple and fun and this blog shows you how.

2- Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman is the man behind this software development blog. He is a popular software engineer and has worked in several famous tech giants including Microsoft. The blog is a superb blend of coding-related conversations, tech trends, hardware tips, and latest gadgets reviews. It is one of the top software development blogs that you should definitely follow. The humor and personality of this tech geek shines through the blog posts and proves to be an interesting, and easy to consume read.

3- Coding Horror

This is a development blog by Jeff Atwood. Coding Horror is the best place to read techy and empowering posts. The blog has been run for nearly 2 decades and continuously provides quality programming insights to its readers. You can find a mix of software & hardware tutorials, how-to guides, and Stackoverflow insider information. In our view this is a one-stop place for code lovers.

4- David Walsh

This blog is managed by the web developer “David Walsh”. He is a senior web developer of Mozilla, founder of Script & Style, and a popular blogger in the developer community, recognized by almost everyone around the world. David’s blog has a style that will want you to return. He shares Mozilla hacks, JavaScript news, and often predicts the next tech trends. If you have ever read the development guides provided by MDN (Mozilla Developer Network), David is the man behind it. He spend most of his time improving the documentation to make the world a better place for JavaScript developers.


Finally, we have dev-to. It’s an open-source forum where coders and programmers share blog posts and ask questions related to their software projects. Expert coders often share their expertise and knowledge with beginners and it’s not unheard of that celebrity developers join to help as well. comes with amazing search and filtration features that help you customize your feed as per your own interests. This is the perfect platform to get software development related content in a variety of forms, such as text, podcasts, and videos. Moreover, you can also explore topics and stories via hashtags shown on the left sidebar.

6- Jelvix

Jelvix blog brings insights to the world of technology, internet of things, software development, mobile apps coding, infrastructure, security, cloud to help you learn more about amazing digital transformations. On this blog, Jelvix shares our own experience in business and software development, best technology trends, and news. Having a wide range of expertise, Jelvix accelerates their’ clients’ growth for different industries, including logistics and transportation, healthcare, financial services, retail, and more. For powerful information, ideas, and messages, read Jelvix blog posts.

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