Proven Strategies to Increase Search Engine Traffic to Your Blog

Whether blogging is your passion, you are doing it for generating money or for your business, proper blog post SEO is the most vital element for the long term success of your blog. Quality content and perfect use of different search engine optimization techniques help you create appealing blog posts that both readers and search engine will love.

If you’re wondering how to increase Search Engine traffic to your blog, here are most effective SEO techniques that you can try right now.

Start with Less Competitive Keywords

Keyword or topic with tough competition is one of the reasons to rank hard in search engines. Proper keyword research can make it easier for you to find best and less competitive keywords/topics to write for. Long tail keywords usually come with low competition that can easily be ranked in search engines to increase search engine traffic to a blog. However, you should go for a topic or keyword that has low competition, high search volume and relevant too.

Write for Humans

Quality and easy to digest content is one of the vital ranking factors to rank higher in search engines. World’s most popular search engine Google always delivers satisfaction to its users by using different quality signals to determine the quality of your blog’s content. Most of the people think that lengthier posts are considered as quality posts but it is also a fact that not all the long articles provide in-depth knowledge about a topic. So, you should be writing unique, relevant and quality content for humans not for search engine bots because user engagement can help you secure higher positions in SERPs.

Add Important Metadata to your Blog Post

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about tweaking your blog’s content so it’s better understood by the search engines bots to provide you with better rankings. This is the reason, SEO is known as one of the main search engine traffic drivers because it can have a direct impact on how your content is endorsed in relevant searches. Creative use of the target keyword is not enough for on-page SEO but you will also need to optimize behind-the-scenes ‘metadata’ of your blog posts and other pages. Creatively use your keyword in blog post title, Meta description and in image ‘alt text’ if you really want to appear your blog posts in top search engine result pages. You can also use different SEO pugins like Yoast SEO to easily optimize your blog posts for on-page SEO.

Internal Linking Really Works Well

Proper and sensible internal linking helps search engines with a better understanding of your blog. If there are several old blog posts related to the topic you are writing,  you should interlink them in your new blog post not only to make blog navigation easier but to provide readers with more informative and useful content they may need to read. However, you should link all your old blog posts in a new one with proper anchor text in order to improve search engine ranking of your blog.

Write Guest Post

A blog post or any other type of content published on another relevant blog is known as guest post and it is one of the best SEO techniques to boost readership of your blog and to get quality link back too. Writing more guest posts on relevant blogs allows you to reach more target audience and to make new connection in the industry as well.

In order to get started with guest blogging, you will need to reach out blog owners and authors with right pitches. Instead of sending full article in your very first email, simply provide them with a brief summary of your topic and content. Once your pitch successfully approved by the blog owner or editor, send them with full article for review and publish.  

Post Content Regularly on Social media

Social media is the best platform to increase the visibility and reach of your content to a wider audience. Regular sharing of blog content on different social media sites helps you present your blog posts in front of more interested peoples. Social media sharing also makes content sharing easier for readers and they can conveniently share useful and informative content within their social circles. Regular sharing of your blog posts on social media sites help you grab the attention of the new wider audience. According to experts, strong social signals can also improve search engine raking of your blog.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another best way to get more readers for your blog posts. This involves creating a list of readers’ email IDs and sending them with the latest updates and quality blog posts often that they may find interesting and useful too. It is one of the great ways to boost blog readership and to become an authority in your industry or niche. In order to build a list, you must have a clear and appealing call to action on your blog to encourage readers to subscribe to your weekly or monthly newsletter.

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