Green business trends that will shape the industry in 2018

If you’re aware of what’s going on in the world, you will know that from Brexit to Trump to reporting climate to electric vehicles, there are many agencies that will take into account the issues or the trends which are going to have an impact on the businesses in the next 12 months. The green economy is everywhere and if you’re someone who wants to know about the green economy predictions for the year 2018, here are few points that are worth considering. Read on to educate yourself.

The good news of Brexit

There can be expectations about hearing even more about hearing not only about Brexit but also about Green Brexit in 2018. Although it might have taken just an election result but it has been finally realised by the Conservatives that there are few votes in receiving the environmental protections. Although the entire process might take longer but they will not take too much time to realise that the European Union isn’t messing around when it means that any trade deal will need a water-tight commitment to control the standards and goals of the bloc’s environment. We might hear more about the chances that will be presented by Brexit to improve protection of the environment.

Donald Trump might set up war on action of climate

The first year of Donald Trump in office has been frustrating for the green business trend. He introduced a series of environmental protections, laid the foundation for the comeback of Arctic drilling and confirmed the fact that the US would let go of the Paris Agreement. Trump, at the same time, failed to block carbon investment in America and elsewhere and was quiet on the issue on climate. This fact is not likely to change in 2018. The US National Security Strategy released and they made it plain that the Trump administration calls itself crucial for countering anti-growth agenda which is detrimental for the US economic and interests of energy security.

Electric vehicles are supposed to move fast

2017 was indeed one big year for EV or electric vehicles and as the days of summer herald too many EV pledges from the makers of automobiles, this brought about a hike in the promise of the government to ban conventional diesel and petrol engines from the roads by the year 2040. You can predict this movement to facilitate in the year 2018 as the cars which don’t have their EV techniques will soon realise that they are the odd ones who are trying their best to stay afloat in the automotive stage. The total shape of the consumer market is shifting and evidence suggesting consumers are willing to purchase EV as the chargers are getting more common at the petrol stations. There will be more EV showrooms opening up at the nation and this will lead to the success of carbon-cutting plans.

Adaptation of Clean Growth Strategy

The Clean Growth Strategy was introduced for the green policy geeks and this was one of the most anticipated events in the political calendar. In few ways, this lived up to the anticipations and they made promises throughout the entire US economy that there will be legally binding reductions in emissions. There have been deadlines for such decisions and hence work is progressing at a pretty good rate.

Therefore, as the green business trends keep getting popular in 2018, you should be all set to see the above listed trends taking a better part of the industry.


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