What the World Would Be Like Without Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become a crucial commodity in today’s society.  It isn’t easy to think of a world without a smartphone. It has become part and parcel of our daily lives, which has made communication an instant affair. Individuals even keep every important document stored in their mobile phones to reach out to them quickly. 

In this context, 4GB RAM mobiles are top-rated among individuals as they are considered to be adequate for storing data. Apart from storage capacity, mobile phones are also used for a camera, commercial, entertainment, and for acquiring relevant information from the internet. 

As mobile phones are now available in various price ranges, they can be purchased by anyone. For example, Realme phones under 15000 are available in the market at a cost-friendly budget. Hence, as mobile phones have become affordable and accessible to the greater part of society, individuals have started becoming dependent on the same for survival.  

Therefore, it would be impossible to imagine the 21st century without a smartphone. So, this article would help us understand what the world would be like without mobile phones and what issues individuals would face.

  • Communication: We cannot imagine communication without mobile phones nowadays. Be it social media, emails, or phone calls, smartphones have made the experience of communication extremely easy and fast for us.  
  • Finding location: The Google maps or GPS of the smartphone help us find a way to any part of the world. Even if we are in the middle of an unknown road, trying to find the way back, GPS comes to rescue us. And all of this happens just at one click. 
  • Commercial purpose: As of now, most businesses have become application-centric. We rely on our mobile applications for several things such as ordering food, buying groceries, studying, entertainment, etc. Hence, without a smartphone, it won’t be possible to do them. 
  • Storage Device: Mobile phones in today’s time have great storage capacities. This allows users to store and keep important files within reach of their hands. The storage capacities vary between 2GB, 4GB, to 64GB, respectively. 4GB RAM mobiles are considered to be adequate for an individual to store almost all essential files and programs needed. Without a mobile phone, we would have to physically carry the files and important documents required every time we travel, which could have become a concern.
  • Camera: After mobile phones came into existence, the use of the digital camera has diminished. Mobile phones consist of fantastic camera features and specifications, and most individuals prefer taking photos and videos on their phones as it is easier to carry and send. Also, like phones, in general, have become affordable, it is now easy to find good camera phones within a set budget. For example, Realme phones under 15000 have excellent camera quality and come at an affordable price.  
  • Entertainment: Entertainment is an essential factor in the everyday mundane life of an individual. With the introduction of mobile phones, people started using many applications where they can watch live streaming of tv shows and movies. Most of these applications have impressive content lineups. But in the absence of mobile phones, people would again have to rely only on televisions and radios to get hold of some entertainment. With a smartphone, you can watchcartoononline something even while traveling or taking a bath.
  • Information: Smartphones have made information easily accessible to everyone. Now everyone can get the news of everything happening worldwide at the tip of their phone.  They give us much more information, and we can search about anything we want and increase our gamut of knowledge. 

The article explains how mobile phones have become the all-in-one gadget in our lives, fulfilling all the functions from storage capacity, entertainment, money transfer to any other commercial usage. As the availability of mobile phones with good storage capacity like 4GB RAM mobiles have increased in the market, it has now become readily available. We all know that life would become tough without mobile phones, as we have become highly dependent on them.  

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Khatak is a tech writer and covering some latest tech trends in the world. Also writing and publishing some business ideas.

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