5 Best Ways to Convert a Video

Many people like to download movies online but not every time the movie they download can play on their media player. This is mainly because the format of the video is not supported by your media player. To solve this problem, you have to convert your video into a format that is supported on the media player of your device.

1- Convert it with an Android Converter App

If you download the video onto your Android phone, you can use a video converter app in the Google Play Store to convert it. It is best to convert the video with a preset customized for your phone model in the app. If you don’t want to use a preset, you will have to configure the video settings manually. For example, you must configure the video to have the resolution that is supported on your Android phone screen. You may have to spend a lot of time playing around with the setting until you find the right setting that allows your video to play.

2- Convert the Video with a YouTube Downloader Plugin

You can upload the video to YouTube, and then use a YouTube downloader plugin to convert it into your preferred format. If the plugin is installed properly, you will see a download button below the YouTube video. Usually, with a YouTube downloader, you can download the video as MP4 and FLV. Once you have downloaded the video, you can delete it in your video manager.

3- Online Video Converter

You can upload your video to an online converter tool like Video Converter and convert it to your preferred format. Before uploading, read about all the restrictions for free usage. For example, if you want to convert AVI to MPEG online, you should check whether AVI and MPEG formats are supported in the free converter. In addition, you must make sure your video must not exceed the maximum file size and maximum video length allowed. Otherwise, your video won’t be able to get uploaded successfully. Besides, you also want to check if it put any watermark on the output video.

4- Video Converter Extension

There are video converter extensions that you can use to convert your video. You can go to the Google web store to download video converter plugins like Easy Video Converter for your Chrome browser. If you use Firefox, you will have to go to the extensions library to download the video converter extension. There are some limitations like upload file limits.

Like using the converter tool, it will take your bandwidth when you convert the video with a converter plugin just like the online converter. So, if your internet is slow, your browser may hang and you will have to restart it. Plugins are more prone to hang. Before installing the plugin, check whether it supports your preferred destination format.

5- Use a Desktop Video Converter

If you don’t want this hassle, you can use a desktop video converter like Handbrake. This type of video converter is installed directly on your computer so you don’t need to have an internet connection to convert your video files. A desktop converter like Ontiva is ideal for converting videos to a compressed format. As a beginner, you should avoid complex video converters like Handbrake. You may get confused in tweaking the setting and end up with a video that is still not playable on your device. With a preset list, you just choose your device model and press the convert button. When the video is converted, it will be ready to watch on your device.

It is best to choose an easy to use converter with a drag and drop interface that lets you convert multiple video files at one time. In addition, it should provide presets for your device so that you don’t have to customize the settings yourself. You can choose one that requires a one-time fee only so you can use it unlimited times after downloading it. It will save you a lot of money compared to the converter that requires a monthly subscription.

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