If you are looking to increase your customers’ goodwill and simultaneously increase sales, there is one cost-effective solution. The answer is through promotional items. Australian marketers spend over 1.34 billion dollars (AUS) a year on promotional products for the sole reason that they work.

52% of the respondents said that their impression of a company is considerably positive after receiving a product. A whopping 76% continue to remember the name advertised on it long after they got it. 52% agreed to do business with the company in the future. These statistics are testimony to the effect of promotional items. It stresses how crucial this method is for marketing and brand recognition.

 A general rule of thumb is to give away products that your customers will use daily, for example, calendars, pens, paperweights, mousepads, and water bottles. However, you need not limit your creative genius to these products alone. Being inventive will gain you more benefits. There can be no compromises in the quality of the products you provide, as they are associated with your brand.

Here are four more reasons why promotional products are essential for all businesses.

1. They are a Low-Cost Form of Marketing

For numerous small and medium enterprises, expensive advertising campaigns on a large scale are an unrealistic dream. But they can still reach their marketing targets with affordable promotional items. Most manufacturers of such products price it low for mass distribution.

The prices may be low, but the impact on the recipients is invaluable. It could be as simple as a personalized coffee mug, which is considered an effective promotional product because most recipients successfully recalled the brand.

2. Can Lead to Instant Brand Recognition

    Brand recognition enables your customers to recognize your brand over the others in the market. It implies that they can identify your brand and its products instantly when they spot your logo. It could be your company’s colours, logo, or slogan. Your gift will help them to remember and recognize your brand. A study revealed that the customers were able to recall the brand even after two years of receiving the product.

    Your gift is displayed in their homes or cars, and used daily in the case of stationery items. It is a constant reminder of your act of goodwill, which affects consumer behaviour positively. Next time when they go shopping, they will recognize your brand and will show more preference for yours.

3. More Exposure for Your Business

    An advertisement or a billboard is stationary, and your target audience might miss them. But there are very few chances for your brand to go unnoticed when you give them a gift. The increase in exposure will always prove beneficial to the company in both short-term and long-term projections.

4. Acts as Your Business Card

    The purpose of a business card is to introduce your company and your product to your customers. Promotional items function in the same way. When you choose an item that is related to your business, it does the same function but yields better results. Remember to add your contact information in the products just like in a business card. It will also display your company’s logo and other unique details that trigger brand awareness.


    From building customer loyalty to an increase in revenue, promotional product marketing has proven to be a successful strategy. You have to rely on the best quality branded product manufacturers while giving away those items to your customers. They are a representation of your company’s ideals and standards.

Noman Sarwar

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