5 Reasons To Use A VPN With Dedicated IP

Don’t know how to handle the nauseous traffic at your shared IP address? Why not get a dedicated IP address to get rid of the hassle once and for all. There are multiple reasons for getting a dedicated IP. From feasibility to time crunches, dedicated IPs help your muster through the crowd on the world wide web.

Most people use dedicated IPs to get robust security for your company or your local workspace. Confidentiality is key when it comes to dedicated IP addresses, as they are particularly designed for this very purpose. It also offers freedom from captcha errors on your browser at every click. Before getting into the details of the list of reasons why you need to get fixed IP with VPN, read on to find out how a VPN works. 

Is a VPN Viable? 

A VPN is a virtual private network that gives you a safe space on the internet. It masks our original IP address into unrecognizable data that will not be picked up by malicious traffic. When you use the internet, your IP address or the network you are using is visible to all. 

With a VPN, you can hide the identity of your IP address or if you want to be more careful, use a dedicated IP instead.  When you use a VPN, you might wonder whether it’s viable for the long run. If you get a VPN from a reliable host and a dedicated IP, it can last until you change your IP address yourself or restructure the network in one go.  

How Does A Dedicated IP Help You?

A dedicated IP is worth every penny as it helps you navigate daily tasks without worry. Working remotely becomes easier than ever by using a static IP. Your data will be secure even if you travel constantly and don’t have time to keep up with the different types of malware infiltrating cyberspace. A dedicated IP will remain the same as you browse through various websites, and all your activities will remain masked as if you weren’t even there. 

Perks Of Using A VPN With Dedicated IP 

  • Unfettered Access

Working on a shared VPN at a huge company can lead to captcha errors. When a large number of people use a shared VPN, the internet starts to smell something fishy. You have to prove your identity by removing the captcha every time you need to search for a new word. 

When you constantly get a captcha error on your desktop, it means your security is compromised. If you get a dedicated IP, the captcha error will be a thing of the past. Using a dedicated IP shows that you are mature enough to work your way through any hassle.   

  • Reduce Hindrances

When using a shared VPN, you can encounter a lot of problems. When the first deluge of browsing history subsides, you can end up with low speed. So to get quick speed from the internet, a private VPN and a dedicated IP is your best choice.

When people use faulty VPN servers, they are likely to run into security risks. A dedicated hosting plan with a dedicated IP will not be shared with anyone, including other VPN users. It is your invisibility cloak allowing you to roam through the internet without getting hacked or mishandled. 

  • Streaming Delight

Tired of typing in your passcode for Netflix time and again? Getting a dedicated IP can help you stream as many seasons as you can. With a dedicated IP, you don’t need to look over your shoulder for any changes in your security settings. 

A VPN hosting your IP address will provide you with the most readily available streaming service wherever you go.  Fretting over pop-up advertisements is frustrating. A dedicated IP VPN is a foolproof method to get rid of pop-up ads. Once you get a secure VPN host with a dedicated IP to help you keep all unwanted ads at bay. With online companies competing for exposure, a dedicated IP has become necessary, especially if you use your desktop for freelancing. 

  • No Uncertainty  

When you are working from home, you need to keep your desktop free of malware. That is where a dedicated IP address comes in. It does not shift the IP address every time you open a browser. In a shared VPN, the IP address is shuffled between the users working in a current workspace. You can secure a dedicated IP to work without the uncertainty of a changing IP address. Say goodbye to the fear of IP blocking by getting a dedicated IP immediately. Once you establish a singular IP address, you will qualify as a clean browser and have a flawless browsing history. 

  • Send And Receive Info In The Blink Of An Eye

When you receive a dedicated IP, you establish a level of security that does not allow spam. You can send emails without being tracked. You can also increase the efficiency of your work by sending and receiving files securely. No third-party intrusion will hinder your progress as you get access to your company’s data through a private network. With an updated file transfer protocol, you can work on as many projects as you can, and with a proper sense of direction, your dedicated IP will build a clean browsing history and safety net for your work. 


The choice of using dedicated IP land on you at the end of the day. If you work remotely and want to save your time and energy while working, dedicated hosting with a dedicated IP will relieve the pressure. 

Running a company becomes easier with a reliable VPN and dedicated IP to keep your records safe from competitors. The small amount you pay for a dedicated IP will be an investment and save you from extra charges. Enjoy a constant haven for your pleasure and your workplace by acquiring a static IP permanently. You can ask the service providing the dedicated IP, your specific requirements, and manage your data and resources without a hassle. 

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