Microsoft ultimately seems to pull off the Windows Phone with ease and expertise

goodbye windows phoneIt is almost after 17 long years that Microsoft is pulling off the Windows operating system with great ease. In fact, the experts and executives reported that the company, Microsoft has surrendered with all its plans of releasing new smartphones or other features, thereby closing the entire chapter of mobile phones for the computer giant. Since 2000, Microsoft released multifarious versions of the mobile phone OS, the latest one being Windows 10 Mobile which was released in the year 2015. However, beyond security updates, there aren’t plans for new features of hardware for Windows Phone, as per Joe Belfiore, who is the head of Microsoft.

They also say that they will definitely support the mobile platform with security updates, bug fixes and other latest updates but for them, they are no longer going to focus on building new features. Belfiore also reported that the phones from Microsoft had extremely low uptake and this lead to not enough support from the developers of the app. This was the blaming reason for the failure of the entire mobile line of Microsoft. He also mentioned that the company had been planning to bring down features like Edge browser to the Android phones. The volume of users for Microsoft seems to be too low and hence the app developers don’t find it worthwhile in investing in their apps.

The smartphone market is predominantly dominated by the Android OS from Google and iOS from Apple. With these two giant operating systems which have already become popular among millions, smartphones powered by Windows always found it extremely tough to compete. Devices which were powered by Windows accounted for much less than half of 1% of the new sales of smartphones, as seen in the later quarter of 2016, as per Gartner reports.

In fact, the last few phones which were introduced by Microsoft were part of the Lumia series from Microsoft. Here, the company sold off its licensing rights to Nokia to HMD, a Finnish company in 2016. Then, Microsoft took a 5 billion pounds hit on the business of smartphones in the year 2015, thereby following the purchase of the entire smartphone division of Nokia, cutting down almost 8000 jobs.

The very first mobile software from Microsoft was the ultimate turn seen of the century and this came with Pocket PC 2000 which was eventually named as Windows Mobile in 2003. Later on it evolved as Windows Phone in 2010 and in 2015, it came as Windows 10 Mobile. During the very recent updates to the tablet operating systems to PC, Microsoft didn’t make any mention of the software for mobile phone and dropped the mantra of ‘mobile-first, cloud-first’. As per a spokesperson from Microsoft, this would continue to support the present line of Lumia products and other handsets powered by Windows Phone.

Belfiore has also admitted that he has recently switched to Android, following the footsteps of Bill Gates and Microsoft will support the customers of Windows 10 who wish to leverage iOS and Android on their phones. As developers never backed the platform, Microsoft has always seemed too many issues with the app store of Windows Phone. People were unable to retain apps as they were developed. Although they have tried hard to app developers but the users volume is pretty low for perfect investment.

Therefore, as we see, Microsoft has ditched its new trail of smartphone line and it looking for a switchover to Android and iOS. The people who were not being satisfied with the Windows versions will now be able to get the best returns from this computer giant.


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