Local SEOs outsourcing their tasks in 2016 – The extent seems to have increased from 2015

seo taskHave you wondered about the present state of outsourcing in the world of local search engine? SEO outsourcing is a very common practice in the world of digital marketing as it allows the companies to achieve repititive and cumbersome jobs that they might not have been able to do it on their own. Outsourcing also gives a company enough access to expertise which they may not have within their own company and this proves to be sometimes helpful for complicated and technical tasks.

Which are the tasks that are mostly outsourced by the local SEO companies? How much is outsourcing prevalent in the current local search engine industry? Are the most commonly outsourced tasks changing with time?

Which SEO tasks are mostly outsourced?

Citation building/cleanup is perhaps the most outsourced task for local SEO companies. Content creation is also outsourced and this has seen the largest increase since 2015. Reputation management and link cleanup is yet another task which is better done when outsourced. Year after year, there’s not a huge change in the tasks that are mostly outsourced but citation building and cleanup is always at the top of the list. Content creation has a 5% increase year after year and link building always takes the last position.

Outsourcing link building

As long as links are concerned, a large number of respondents of the poll highlighted link cleanup and link building as the 2 most toughest tasks to outsource. Among the tasks included in the list above, link building is something that most SEOs wouldn’t want to get wrong as that is perhaps the most vital part of SEO trategies. This is why it is imperative that the work of backlinks is outsourced to a trustworthy outsourcing agency and predictions show that SEOs might end up looking for more and more cleanup outsourcers in 2017.

Are local SEOs outsourcing even more than 2015?

A company can outsource any task, as long as it knows that the task will be done with good quality. The struggle however can be in finding the agency with which you can share a good relationship. Hence, it has been seen that outsourcing has increased manifold in 2016 and predictions suggest that it will increase even more in the years to come.

If you too are an SEO firm who wishes to outsource your content creation and link building setup, start looking for reputable companies.


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