Do Not Commit these Mistakes while Creating Websites on Research Chemicals

research chemical webYou are a business offering Research Chemicals and are looking forward to shoring up your internet presence by creating your website. You start off by being clueless because the internet doesn’t really offer you much information about ways to create websites on Research Chemicals. Still you go ahead with your plans since you need to have a website just for the sake of having a website.

You expect your website to act as a virtual money spinner but are not being able to figure out why it’s not delivering. The discouraging analytical figures should be reason enough for you to take a good look at where you have gone wrong. Here is a look at a slew of mistakes that websites on Research Chemicals are riddled with.

Mistakes committed while creating websites on Research Chemicals

As a business dealing into Research Chemicals you must be able to acknowledge the fact that you need to have a site which is starkly professional but not nondescript. Right from the fonts to the colors to the layout – every thing contributes. As tempting as it might seem to use those interesting graphics or animation regularly employed by ecommerce stores, SEO agencies of photography websites, let us tell you that all these have no value to add to your site.

You are interested in adding too many “frills”

For scientists who are more interested in procuring the right synthesis of chemicals for their researches the aforementioned additions are nothing but a distraction. You can opt for an impressive layout to stand out from your competitors but do not commit the mistake of adding too many frills to your site. Stick to your “character”.

You don’t think that a website is required

While there are so many businesses that tend towards becoming a tad “adventurous” with their web exploits, there are others who actually believe that there is no need to invest in a website at all – because scientists or other government institutions working with research chemicals are apparently more comfortable reaching out to businesses personally rather than finding them on the internet.

At the onset you might as well believe that people running these businesses are living under the rock. But it’s true! There are people who are still unaware of the extent of pervasiveness that the Internet commands today!

You are opting for DIY

Once you are able to define your goals (of running a website) at the first place, you will be able to appreciate the inclusion of professionals in your web designing team. Do not even think about DIY. The DIY websites on Research Chemicals – as has mostly been seen- fail to facilitate a clear path of action which you want to follow. Your website is your prospects’ window to information. They are your biggest vehicle of conversion as well — whereby mere visitors are converted to customers.

No “Country” for Social Media?

Your website lacks social media integration. You are putting up interesting articles and blogs about research chemicals, scientific discoveries and scientists and you are not facilitating social sharing by including social media widgets on your site. You are limiting your search by at least thousands of customers or so.

As per reports 41% of the patients say that social media impacts their choice of the doctors whose services they want to avail. Don’t be surprised if you end up gathering similar figures from scientists as well when it comes to their way of selecting companies offering research chemicals.

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