Blog Post Checklist – Things to Check Before Hitting Publish Button

After getting the article ready for the blog, no one can wait to click the button with a title ‘Publish’, because it will make the post live on the internet.

But do you really know the things to check before hitting publish button in order to make your post reader friendly? If no then put a glance at following blog post checklist to get things right before publishing a post on your blog or website.

In urgency, we often make mistakes and errors that not only can make the blog post hideous but can also make deteriorate the overall user experience.

Below are the things to check before publishing your posts in order to add a great value to your blog as well as to provide handy stuff to your readers that will make them to stay longer.

Blog Post Publishing Checklist

  • Title of the post

As we all know that ‘the first impression is the last impression’, and when it comes to get more readers for a blog post, selection of the post title has great significance and can provide you more than your expectations if selected properly.

Before hitting the publish button, you must check that whether the post title is proficient to give a peek of content included in the post or not.

Title of the post must be relevant and convincing enough to grab the attention of the audience at a first glance.

  • Proofreading (Spelling and grammar check)

Ridiculous spelling and grammar mistakes can give your writing a repulsive sense to your whole article. That’s why proofreading is on number two in the checklist for blog post that will help you prevent spelling and grammar errors to make the writing efficient.

It is great to put a quick glance on your article for mistakes, but you can also use online grammar and spelling checking tools like “Grammarly“ to make the blog post spotless.

  • Provide the proper credits

When writing an article to publish on your blog or business website, you must provide the proper credits in order to let alone the copyright-related consequences.

It is always great to mention the source link of the content in your article if you are about to use any image or quote from another blog or website.

It is not only to secure blog in eyes of search engines but also to prevent financial penalties as you may need to pay up to $ 5000 according to the image copyright law of the state or country if using a copyrighted image.

  • Check the images for blog design

Quality and shape of the image can make or break the overall appearance of your blog post, so be sure to check whether the image fits the blog design or not if you really want to make the blog post awesome and attractive as well.

Almost all CMSs (content management systems) come with built-in visual editors that allow you to customize the image accordingly.

You can also use image editing software to modify the image according to the requirements of blog design or theme without losing the image quality.

  • Check for broken or dead links

As external and internal links can add value to the content of your blog post, you must check that whether all links are working properly or broken.

A single broken or dead link in the post can create a bad impression for the readers, so be cautious and check the links personally before hitting the publishing button.

You can also use online broken link checker tools to check the links included in your post.

  • Check for publish time

Post publish time is one of the things to check before hitting publish button in order to check that whether it is the right time to publish your blog post or not.

As most of the bloggers take good care of consistency when it comes to publish contents, you must also check that on what time your post must go live on the web for the audience.

Noman Sarwar

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