A Proactive Approach To Growing Your Instagram Account In A Systematic Manner

Instagram has a highly advanced and intelligent algorithm for entrepreneurs. Simultaneously, it offers the same algorithm to others as well. Courtesy a group of creative businesses and brands competing for your consumers, you may probably find it difficult to convince others to hit that ominous “follow” button.

  • The first step to grow your account is to develop a consistent and strong aesthetic. Nowadays, your profile has to function at par with or like your business card, virtual store window, and company website.
  • One of the easiest and most common ways to gain traction and effectuate a positive first impression is to provide a cohesive and strong Instagram aesthetic.
  • There are certain brands that have taken their aesthetics to another level by making a lifestyle manual/lookbook for their followers.
  • In addition to curating a cohesive and consistent color palette, companies following this pattern are conveying an attractive lifestyle through pictures on their feed, attracting their ‘exact’ type or pattern of the customer.
  • Get into vertical video. With over 400 million regular viewers on Stories and IGTV launch, it goes beyond saying that video content is fast taking over the network.
  • After identifying the best content for your audience, you can immediately start seeing results in your follower count and viewer rates.
  • To find out suitable video content for your target audience, you need to find themes that click for your audience.

Create and like pictures in your niche

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, it’s certainly a celebrated social media platform. Having a larger and increasing IG platform can boost your business sales, more blog views, and a stronger community for your company or brand. You can get real likes from reputable websites.

  • Like pictures in your niche. Go through a few photos on a member’s account. It would help in leaving a genuine comment, and following them.
  • It helps in getting your name on the platform and allow other members to discover you.
  • Check hashtags or see the followers/fans of your favorite influencers. Overall, you need to be authentic and stop spamming.
  • Create a proper theme for your pictures. If you’re following the number one person, others will naturally start noticing your username and may also view your account.
  • You need to write down keywords that you want others to associate with your Instagram account.
  • Some of the accounts that are slaying it are Jessica Safko, Wonderforest, and Studio DIY.
  • Social media is a big word. You need to respond to the comments you get and leave your own comments there.
  • Instead of putting stale things like cute face or gorgeous dress, try leaving genuine questions and comments that encourage people to post more pictures.
  • It’s important to create a viable hashtag and propel others to use it as well. Hashtags are a wonderful way to build your community and create new content for your profile.
  • Start creating a unique and inclusive hashtag. Also, implore others to use it. If your hashtag entails a specific purpose, it will work the best.
  • Once users start implementing your hashtag, you can repost pictures from your followers. You need to give them proper credit.
  • Not only does hashtag build your base by showing your fans that you appreciate their pictures, but it also bolsters your account as per your account.
  • The next thing is running a contest. If you plan a giveaway, try organizing a contest.
  • Implore users to repost a specific photo and tag you in its caption. You can ask them to follow you. You can invite them to implement your hashtag on their images.
  • You can also focus on a loop giveaway in case you’re collaborating with other members.

Engaging others to boost your account

Make sure your current followers know you’re using IG through cross-posting. The platform makes it simple to share your content to Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, which could be a great method of setting some additional exposure.

  • Cross-posting has a great advantage as well. A recent Buzzsumo study suggests that images you post to FB via Instagram get more engagement as compared to natively published photos.
  • You can embed Instagram pictures in your blog posts or add an IG feed to your FB page for some extra discovery.
  • A compelling tactic is to arrive and drive traffic from IG.

Caption and engagement rate

Plenty of low-quality profiles tend to use the ‘phone in’ caption description. You can jam numerous hashtags into the concerned caption, hoping to rank them on the Explore or Search tab.

  • Beautiful, meaningful captions don’t come easily. Instagrammers are putting a lot of time and effort in writing their story-centric captions.
  • They are active community members and have invested in their success. It helps in signaling to their channel algorithm and make their content more relevant.
  • You also need to know your engagement rate. Engagement is omnipotent. If your account has 300,000 followers, but seldom hits 500-700 likes and comments on content, you need to know what it says about your community’s equality.
  • You need to know how to naturally engage with a profile. It’s crucial to ensure that the comments you make have the scope to create long-term and strategic value for your business. It also focuses on your potential future audience.
  • You need to monetize your content with an advert sequence. You have to build two potent marketing assets. First is a captive community of present and future customers to drive real ROI.
  • Engaged and active custom traffic is available to retarget your content with paid ads.

Optimizing your account

While you try to figure out how to gain Instagram followers, it’s important to optimize your account. Your brand’s bio should act as the homepage to your IG account.

  • Without image captions, proper bio, a proper profile image or username, how will others know whether your account belongs to your company or not?
  • You need to keep your content consistent.

Also, remember to schedule your content in advance. By scheduling your posts in advance, your followers can see schedules and campaigns more efficiently and timely.

Author Bio:

Karen Anthony is a social media marketing specialist who has worked with several startups, small businesses and helped them also launch effective campaigns to boost their overall online presence and visibility.

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