YT1s: The Best Online YouTube Video Downloader

YT1s is a popular YouTube video downloader for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices that enables you to download videos from YouTube. The YouTube Downloader also converts YT videos to the highest quality mp3, mp4, 3GP, M4A, and WEBM formats.

About YT1s

YT1s is a YouTube downloader that allows you to download a video much faster than any other online tool. You can save any video from YouTube to mp3 or mp4 format. You don’t have to install any software on your personal computer or mobile phone. It is a free online tool that offers two options:

  1. Download YouTube video
  2. Convert a video into any format while downloading

Key Features of

There are some important features of YT1s video maker. These features are given below Best YT video Converter

YT1s is a tool that not only downloads your videos but also converts videos into your desired mp3 or mp4 formats during the downloading process. Paste the copied URL into the yt1s search bar and go for the video format you want to download. The YT1s converter will eventually download audio files or mp4 video to your device.

Support various platforms

It is the best YouTube video converter for users who want to download free videos easily. There is no restriction on the platform and device, and it is totally up to you now whether you use Linux, MacBook, Android or iPhone.

This tool converts your videos to mp3 or mp4 without knowing which platform you are using to download. Switching YouTube videos over completely to mp3 and mp4 is exceptionally simple since they are upheld stages.

Unlimited free downloads

This tool has no download limit like any other downloading tool, which is the best reason to use this tool. You can change over and download videos by utilizing YouTube URLs. YouTube Downloader YTs does not force any constraints on video downloads. Therefore, you can use this tool for free.

Safe and clean

As individuals better handle device security, they put a more considerable premium on private information. In this way, the assistance is without infection and is reliably investigated as a safeguarded informational collection.

Upholds audio and video formats

YT1s Video Converter is appropriate for different sound and video formats. You can download YouTube videos on any suitable platform using URLs, and it is up to you. There are many formats like mp3, mp4, and many other forms, in which you can convert your YouTube videos.

Upload your downloads on Cloud

While you have downloaded your video in your ideal arrangement, with the assistance of a Yt1s downloader, you can upload your converted files to an online storage platform like Cloud Upload.

Is YT1s legit or not? is a trustworthy site offering the content to download YouTube videos. Downloading recordings for business purposes may be permitted occasionally, as long as the reasons fall under the significance of fair use. For individual use, downloading recordings using this tool isn’t unlawful. Different destinations, such as and, are practically identical. is the first and the primary spot to download YouTube videos.

Is YT1s a safe tool?

YT1s YouTube Downloader helps you in saving YouTube recordings on your device. It is the safest tool you can ever use. You can download any kind of video through this tool without any problem. You can choose any configuration to change over your recordings. You can select the quality of the video to download. is a utility for downloading the video that the client transferred on YouTube and switching them over entirely to different organizations. It was established in 2020, and it has a wide variety on the web and has a significant local area.

Columnists use it and common liberties associations to save spectator accounts, educators to save recordings in the review lobby, Youtubers to keep reinforcement duplicates of their moved reports, and clients worldwide. It is utilized to review accounts on a gadget that can’t play a standard web program or survey recordings in their total objective over languid or risky web affiliations.

YT1s ensures all record downloads are secured and virus free by using a protected informational index. You will not experience any disturbance like any organization’s advertising software. The videos are free of malware and viruses. Without using a VPN or other proxies, you can download your YouTube videos as it is the best-protected method.

Downloading process of YT1s

This tool converts and downloads videos very quickly just like a piece of cake. With only a single tick, you can download it on your device. You are not going to wait for your files to upload. If you want to watch offline videos on your device, follow the steps below.

Paste the copied URL of your YouTube videos into the search field, or use the built-in search engine.

  • Pick your ideal configuration in which you need to change over your video.
  • Choose your video format as yt1s has all kinds of video formats.
  • Presently, hold on until the download interaction is finished.
  • Provide the path where you want to save your video.


YT1s is a tool that allows you to download YouTube Videos after converting them into your desired format like 360p, 480p, 720p, etc. It is simply the best tool where you can download your videos quickly and freely. You can see all kinds of video formats from 480p to 4K. You can download as many videos as you like because there are no limitations on this tool to download a video.

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