Xvid Review – A Comprehensive Guide

Xvid has always been a popular name in digital video compression because of its long history and exceptional functionality. Over the years, the tools have been developed and improved incredibly to resonate with modern requirements and deliver the best experiences to the users who face problems due to the larger size of their videos. While the primary operation of compressing the videos’ size without reducing their quality is the hallmark of this software, other aspects are also fascinating, making it the top preference for millions of users. In this blog post, we will look into this tool’s features, performance, and usability, along with the easiest way to obtain it for a laptop or PC.

What is Xvid?

Xvid is one of the well-renowned video codec software to compress digital video files more efficiently and seamlessly. It was launched in 2001 when it served as the top alternative to proprietary codecs. Currently, it is famous for its exceptional efficiency and configurable encoding parameters to compress videos without affecting their quality. It uses MPEG-4 Part 2 ASP format to carry out the compression operation. Over the years, the software has gone through multiple enormous improvements, leading to its current reputation, making it one of the most satisfactory tools for video compression. The main utilization of this software is in online video distribution, digital video libraries, and video editing. Besides, community collaboration enhances its reliability, which plays a major part in making this tool the foremost priority for millions of users.

How to Get Xvid on a PC or Laptop?

Getting Xvid for a PC or laptop is not a challenging task. Only you have to follow the right tactics and steps to carry out this activity. While many modified packages are available on the web, generated by local developers, you must look for and use the original version for seamless experience and data safety. In the under-section, we have detailed a step-by-step guide to download this software on your device.

  • Open your browser and hit the search bar.
  • Type “Xvid Download” and press enter.
  • On the results page, you will come across different sites.
  • Locate the official Xvid website and click on it to reach the homepage.
  • If you are a Windows user, click on the designated links.
  • Similarly, Linux users can hit on the links present on the right side.
  • After clicking on the, the software will start downloading.
  • Open your storage drive and simply install it on your device.

Features of Xvid

The following points will highlight the main features of Xvid, making it the best video codec software in the meantime.

1 – Open-Source Nature

The open-source nature of Xvid allows people from every corner of the world to access and use it for free. Additionally, the developers of this tool collaborate with other professionals to improve its functionality.

2 – Cross-Platform Compatibility

Cross-platform compatibility is one of the significant features of this high-end video compression software. It can work on different operating systems, like Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it more accessible to a larger user base.

3 – High Compression Speed

Another standout characteristic of Xvid is its high compression speed. You don’t have to wait for long to compress the videos. Also, it does not impact the quality, enabling you to store your favorite moments without consuming much storage.

4 – Configurable Encoding Parameters

Xvid provides you with a diverse range of encoding parameters to allow users to customize their experience by balancing between file size and video quality. 

5 – Multi-Pass Encoding

Multi-pass encoding is an exclusive feature of Xvid which is not present generally on other codec software. With its help, this software analyzes your video content multiple times to optimize the compression.

Performance Evaluation

While many aspects can help in the performance evaluation of Xvid in this highly fast-paced world, the points mentioned below will give the best understanding.

1 – Compression Efficiency

Xvid has outperformed all the other codec software and platforms available on the web because of its exceptional compression efficiency. It not only maintains the quality but also reduces the size of video files significantly.

2 – Encoding Speed

Encoding speed always works inversely to compression efficiency. With Xvid, this problem is reduced to a greater extent. Still, the encoding speed may vary, depending upon the input file size and its resolution.

3 – Quality Retention

As described previously, Xvid is very efficient in maintaining and balancing quality while compressing the size. However, extreme compression results in a compromise in video quality, causing poor visual experience.

Usage Scenarios

The usability of Xvid and its compression abilities will be significant in the cases detailed in the following section.

1 – Online Video Distribution

The incredible compression efficiency of this widely used codec software makes it a well-suited preference for online video distribution platforms, websites, and streaming services, reducing the bandwidth requirements.

2 – Digital Video Libraries

Another usage of Xvid is for people who have limited storage capacity to keep heavy files for longer. With Xvid, they can compress the files without losing quality.

3 – Video Editing and Production

As this software is highly compatible with other video editing tools and is still improving in this aspect, it will surely become the top priority for professional editors.

Pros and Cons of Xvid


  • Easy to use
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Lightweight
  • High compression efficiency
  • Minimal impacts on video quality


  • Privacy concerns

Final Verdicts

Simply put, Xvid has always been the top priority for the larger number of people who look for trusted software to compress their video files without compromising on quality. The simple interface, high compression efficiency, and cross-platform compatibility are all significant factors that have played their part in the enormous popularity of this video codec tool. Furthermore, it does not put any extra load on the RAM and processor, enabling people with old PCs to use it comfortably. You must leverage the potential of this software for optimal video compression outcomes while maintaining the quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xvid codec used for?

It is used to compress large video files to reduce their size without impacting their quality.

Is Xvid a good codec?

Xvid has been tremendous in its functionality since the very beginning for its high compression efficiency.

What is the compression ratio of Xvid?

Xvid compresses the video files at a ratio of 200:1 to maintain quality.

Is the Xvid Video Codec Safe?

Xvid Video Codec is highly safe to use when downloaded from the official website.

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