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World of Warcraft Introduces the Warlords of Draenor Invasion Expansion

Fans of the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft will be thrilled with the new patch for World of Warcrafts Warlords of Draenor. The latest from the creators at Blizzard Entertainment features some new twists on some old favorites, along with a barrage of new additions that players will love.WoW designers are really strutting their stuff to show why Wow is on the top of the list when it comes to MMOs.

Old Character Models are Reinvented into New Character Models

It all begins with a step back into the World of Warcraft past with character models available from the original game races. Players will be able to create and modify the looks of Dwarf, Night Elf, Orc, Gnome, Human,  Tauren, Troll, Draenei and Undead. Each race has been redesigned, increasing not only fidelity, but also texture resolution.


The look and feel of the original character animations has been retained. Howver, they have also been revamped to have more personality, along with a more improved emotional and expressive facial expressions. More emotes for emote lovers.

Introducing the Iron Horde Incursion

Blood red is now the color of the Dark Portal harbored within the Blasted Lands in World of Warcraft. Azeroth is being invaded by hordes of strange looking orcs, potentially mutants. These antisocial orcs are only interested in slaying anything in their path, so be weary.The Alliance and the Horde moved swiftly to obtain reinforcements, but unfortunately Nethergarde and Okril’lin already fell. The Iron Horde is making their move, but players can aid in the battle to break their foothold on Azeroth. The key to success begins in the Blasted Lands.

Upper Blackrock Spire enthusiasts will find it has been revamped to a five player version. This adventure will is the place to be for an upcoming strike against the tyranny of the Iron Horde, and is available for a limited time to level 90 characters.

Group Finder Upgrade

World of Warcraft players that enjoy group excursions will love the improvements to the Group Finder. This aspect of the game has been expanded to facilitate both PvE and PvP content players. Players can now create a premade group via the Group Finder, which is bound to the default I key, or the Player vs. Player pane, which is bound to the H key by default.

Improved Quest Log

The World of Warcraft quest log has been the focus of some complaints in the past. The designers heard your complaints. Quest Logs are now integrated into the world map, making it much easier for players  to know where to go and what to do. Quests are also based on proximity via default and items from quests are now accessible via the Quest Tracker.

Advances in Inventory

Confusion regarding World of Warcraft items should be eliminated as items are now bordered by colors indicating their quality from poor, shown in gray to legendary, bordered by orange. Trade skill items now stack up to 200 as well, freeing up more inventory space.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.56.10 PM

Bags, Bank and a Toy Box

World of Warcraft now features assignable bags, which can hold only equipment, consumables or trade goods, shown by a mini icon. A great new feature is the “clean up bags” button, which will automatically shift all empty slots to one area and organize items. Players can purchase additional space with the Void Storage Tab, which adds an additional 98 spaces.

Crafting characters will appreciate the addition of a Reagent Bank Tab, for storage of raw materials. This allows them to access crafting supplies from the bank or Reagent Bank from anywhere. The Reagent bank tab can be unlocked via the Bank.

World of Warcraft has added a Toy Box, which is additional storage for “fun items” accrued during questing. A right click will quickly determine if an item can be learned. Toy Box items will be accessible to all characters on the account.

Additional Draenor Perks and Recognition for Level 100

The dedicated World of Warcraft player that attains level 100 will find a whole array of new talents at their disposable. Regardless of affiliation, race or class, every level 100 character will get a set of special talents. During Beta, these talents are available at level 90 for testing. Another perk Warlord of Draenor offers starts at level 92, and adds bonus specialization sets, according to class.

Garrisons and More

Help stop the Iron Horde in World of Warcraft by creating your own army. Build a Garrison by undertaking an epic quest, starting a permanent base of operations on Draenor. Recruit followers to support your cause and locate blueprints and materials to customize and expand you’re the Garrison. Questing for your Garrison can begin in both Frostfire Ridge and Shadowmoon Valley.

The World of Warcraft is indeed a virtual world, offering MMORPG players plenty of new content to keep their interest. Players can expect the Warlords of Draenor to be another epic addition to this already renowned online fantasy role play game.

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