Why Window Cleaners Aren’t the Only Businesses Climbing Ladders

The internet has become a huge part of most businesses’ day-to-day operations. Even smaller businesses with a local customer base have the opportunity to reap significant benefits from a well-crafted online presence. However, in order to get the best results from the internet, businesses must engage in a game of climbing ladders.

The ladders in question are search engine rankings. Google and other search engines are among the main ways that people find what they are looking for on the internet. When they are looking for the product or service you provide, you want to make sure that they find you. That means getting as close to the top of the search rankings as possible.

How Search Engines Work

At the user end, the workings of search engines seem simple enough. The user puts in some words that describe what they are looking for, and the search engine lists things it has found on the internet that are relevant. However, under the surface things are far more complicated.

Search engines need to do more than just find results; they need to sort those results and try to bring the most useful and relevant ones to the top. To do this, they use complicated algorithms. They look for the words you have searched for, of course, as well as closely related ones. As a rule, they consider pages that barely mention those words to be less relevant, along with those that mention those words an unnaturally large number of times as if they are just trying to catch the search engine’s attention.
Why Window Cleaners Aren't the Only Businesses Climbing Ladders

There are, however, a lot of other factors that search engines look at, and the exact words you type in are not even necessarily the most important. Other factors, such as incoming and outgoing links involving other relevant sites, are also important.

Climbing the Ladders

As the algorithms used by search engines are complex (and frequently change), making pages perform well has become something of a science. To be done effectively, search engine optimisation (SEO) must usually be done by professional search-engine or online-marketing specialists. These are not hard to find, especially in major cities. For example, when it comes to internet marketing Leicester, London and Liverpool are all likely to be crowded markets. However, not all “professionals” are as expert as they claim.

The problem that would-be climbers of the search engines face is partly due to the fact that search engines are growing wise to some of the more unscrupulous tricks, and finding ways to penalise instead of reward them. This means that even a company that can deliver great results in the short term but uses questionable techniques may cause you to slide rapidly back down when search algorithms catch up. A good professional, however, will use the appropriate techniques that search companies are happy with, making your site fit the ideal profile and appeal to the search engines in a sustainable, long-term way.

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