Why Holistic Tech is the Key to Boosting Your Investor Relations Strategy

Think about your average day at the office. When you want to follow up with an investor, review your website traffic, and crunch the numbers on your latest hybrid virtual event, how do you go about finalizing these tasks?

If you’re like a lot of Investor Relations Officers (IROs), you sit down at the computer and open at least three separate apps — perhaps even more. Some of these apps might predate your onboarding, bought by your department independently years apart from one another.

Not only is all this clicking back and forth time consuming, but whatever you do in one app has no way of communicating with another. Siloed tech hides key engagements, making it harder to understand your analytics and target investors.

If you’re still working under silos, it’s time to upgrade your investor relations strategy with holistic tech.

What is a Holistic IR Tool?

Holistic IR tools refer to technology that integrates various programs within one system. This puts it in direct opposition to legacy and siloed data systems.

Very often, legacy systems are also silos and vice versa. Let’s explain why by defining these two outdated IR technologies.

Legacy Systems: A Definition

According to the investor relations experts at Q4, a legacy data system is defined by outdated software (or systems) that house a company’s information. Due to their age, these legacy technologies don’t have as many features as newer systems.

Engagement analytics have advanced immensely over the past few years. These older systems can’t keep up with newer ones, meaning you’ll be able to create fewer insights while working within legacy apps.

Siloed Systems: A Definition

Silos, on the other hand, refer to software that doesn’t interact with other technologies. According to the experts at Q4, this can limit how easily you analyze data, especially if your team wants to take advantage of automated intelligence and machine learning one day.

Holistic IR Tech Consolidates Your Data in One, Interactive Space

By comparison, something like Q4 Capital Connect, a holistic IR software system, integrates information from multiple data sets and feeds it to a single dashboard.

Beyond consolidating your view of data, holistic IR technology synthesizes and analyzes raw data into meaningful insights that drive actionable decisions.

The best IR app proliferates data from vast sources of human and online behaviors that legacy or siloed systems simply cannot. It also ensures your data is fully optimized to streamline your experience reviewing this information.

Where Does Your IR App Draw Data From?

A holistic investor relations strategy will aggregate data from all your capital markets engagements, such as the following:

  • IR website
  • ESG website
  • Webcasting & Conferencing
  • Capital Markets Virtual Events
  • In-Person Capital Markets Events
  • CRM & Ownership Data
  • Shareholder Analytics
  • Stock Performance

All this information can be found in one app, so you can see all your engagements without needing to switch between windows. It’s a huge time saver for your team, not to mention a better way to collect, analyze, and manipulate your data efficiently and effectively.

In Conclusion

If your investor relations strategy relies on legacy or siloed systems, your department needs a massive upgrade. Look into holistic IR technology. Improving your access to data will refine your IR strategy and boost your impact.


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