Ways To Get Free Advertising For Your Business

How to Advertise Business Free

It’s understandable that when you have a small business or a startup company, there is nothing much you can spare to invest in marketing campaigns. On the other hand, you can’t just sit and wait for customers to knock on your door without building good reputation either so what’s there to do when you want to advertise your business but don’t have any money for an expensive media strategy? Don’t lose hope because the internet has much more to offer than you can think. It’s just a matter of research that you can find dozens of effective ways to advertise your business for free on the internet.

5 ways to get free advertising for your business:

  1. Your business’s website:

    Having a website for a business very crucial regardless of what type of business you have and what the size of your company is. Huge organizations and global companies mostly rely on their websites and some people presume that a website is only necessary if you have a big business but it’s not true. It doesn’t matter if you have a small shop in a remote town or a fortune 500 company in New York. A website provides dozens of hidden ways to advertise business free. A website is something that will benefit your business 24/7. You can’t make sure to be there for the customers and potential clients when they need some information without a proper working website. For a small company, you don’t need to have an expensive website but a pretty basic design will also do the trick. While getting your website ready, remember to keep it simple and make sure it’s convenient to navigate for visitors.

  2. Blogging and article writing:

    Now, this is something that is absolutely free for a new business. You can’t deny the power a blog has over internet users. There are hundreds and thousands of examples where a specific blog gets millions of organic visits per month and if you don’t do blogging, you are keeping yourself from all of those additional sales and benefits of the internet. Once you have established a website of your business, it’s time to introduce it to internet users. You can do that by visiting popular blogs, comment on most viewed posts with the links to your website and you can also ask relevant blogs for some backlinks that is very effective for search engine listing. The same thing goes for relevant article websites and forums where you can share your ideas, comment on posts that you like so visitors might also want to know what your business offers.

  3. Social media campaign:

    When it comes to business advertisement, there is nothing that beats social media. Of course, you can put some ads in local newspaper or rent a billboard but for a startup business, social media offers several different ways to advertise the business for free. Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest have a lot to offer and you don’t need to be a pro to handle your campaigns on these websites. It can be as simple as announcing a big sale on the social media or introducing a new product to online viewers. Once you get the hang of how effective the marketing is, you can start investing some money and get professional help for focus advertisement.

  4. Create e-newsletter on your website:

    The trick to get more people visit your business’s website more often is to keep sharing information and ideas that might interest them. When your website has something unique and interesting enough to offer to online visitors, they will keep coming back for more information. Here an advanced way is to ask those visitors for their email addresses and this way you can share new posts or make business-related announcements easily. Add a simple plug-in on your website that asks visitors for their email address before they leave and this way you can create your own email directly. There are websites that have thousands and even more of these real emails and by sending updated information to all those email addresses helps these websites get more visitors each month.

  5. Get some brand ambassadors:

    There is a reason that global organizations and big companies hire famous people and celebrities to advertise their business and products. It’s because these personalities influence people and their choices. As a small business owner, you might not have the budget to get a movie star to market your business but you can still find famous people on the internet. These people are also known as internet influencers. As they have millions of followers, they can help set a trend. It’s not the easiest one but it’s surely is one of the ways to advertise your business for free.

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