Using the Latest Technology to Protect your Collectibles

When you’re a collector, each item is priceless in your mind. Although everything has some value, you may want to just keep your items tucked away for safekeeping. Home burglaries are always a concern in any neighborhood, prompting homeowners to look for innovative ways to protect their valuables. Examine some of the best technologies available today to truly feel safe when you leave the house.

Value it First

latest-top-techBefore you invest in any protection system, it’s a smart idea to have a professional evaluate your items. It may be difficult to haul everything to an actual appraiser, but there are online businesses able to value your items with a picture and reference material. This technological innovation makes your valuation a simple process with little time wasted moving the items. Once you have a monetary figure, start with insuring the items to cover any potential loss in the future.

Active RFID Tags

People use GPS trackers for large assets, such as vehicles, but small collectibles aren’t as easily tracked. It’s possible to use RFID technology. Look for active RFID tags to have a strong radio signal emitted if the value is lost or stolen. Using a reader, you can pinpoint the item’s location by the constant radio frequencies. There is some investment to active RFID tags, however, so match the tracking strategy to the item’s value.

Wireless Security Cameras

If you wonder what’s going on at home for most of the workday, you aren’t very productive as worry takes over. Outfit the home with wireless security cameras. They’re small enough to be undetected by intruders, allowing you to locate several around the home. Because many of these models are WiFi-capable, you quickly access the audio and video feed from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Take a look at each camera angle to ensure the home is properly protected.

Conceal Behind Locks

Although basic door locks don’t sound very high-tech, today’s locks are wireless and remote-activated. For example, you forget to lock the front door. As long as you have an Internet connection, your handheld device uses an app to access the home security system, effectively locking the door from the office. You can also actively lock doors and windows for your exclusive collectibles room, making your possessions much safer than before.

Motion Sensor Viability

Motion sensors are still critical parts to a security system. Modern sensors notify you of any movement by instantly activating a camera on your connected device. Watch if the neighbor’s dog is accidentally visiting or if an intruder is there. Although many motion notifications could be harmless, you never know what could happen one day if the system wasn’t live and active.

As wireless capabilities become more widespread, you’ll be able to control nearly every aspect of your home as you remain at the office. Shop around for technology quotes to find the best price with the right installer. Your collectibles are tempting to thieves, but you can make the potential burglary difficult by adding 2014’s newest gadgets to your arsenal.

Parvesh Bravo

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