USB Type-C for MacBook: The Best Solution to Data Transfer and Connectivity

USB Type-C for MacBook

The new ultrathin MacBook was probably one of the most awaited Apple products in the market and that too for a very good reason. Breaking all the presumptions regarding thin laptops, the MacBook Pro has been designed in such a manner that the overall specification of the laptop has come down to bare essentials. One such enhanced functionality in the latest MacBook variant is the USB type-C port that has already started to gain positive reviews and is being hailed as the best connection standard.

The reasons behind such grand appraisal of the new USB type-C connector in the MacBook has been clarified by Apple itself, as the officials stated the latest port is a massive improvement in terms of charging and data transfer. Even though there are not many ports available, you can always meet your requirements by using a USB-C hub for MacBook Pro.

Take a look at the major benefits that Apple users are getting with the new type-C USB in their MacBook:

Acts as a Design Enhancer

The design is perhaps the main motivation of Apple behind the creation of their every gadget. The design of their products is what catches most of the consumers’ attention and this is completely true in the case of their latest MacBook Pro. Rather than including a vast number of technical specifications, Apple has decided to appeal their targeted customers with its sleek and thin design. The USB type-C port has allowed the brand to continue its policy of making the MacBook a lightweight and visually appealing product.

USB Type-C for MacBook

No More Confusing Orientation

Being the best connector standard in the tech market, the USB connector underwent a revolution with its new type-C version. Apart from being smaller than the previous USB plugs, the USB type-C port is receiving positive reviews more due to its reversible and symmetrical nature. The reversible design of the connector will not confuse you anymore regarding the cable’s direction or the plug’s orientation. Connecting a type-C cable is now easy in the new MacBook Pro and you do not have to worry about the improper insertion of the connector.

All-in-one Port Connector

Apple has given its users an opportunity to find compatible peripherals that will help in their work on their MacBook. This feature has been greatly complemented by the new USB type-C standard that also provides various technical benefits such as the all-in-one port connection, making the type-C completely different from its previous counterparts. Moreover, Apple officials have stated that the MacBook with its USB type-C will set a benchmark in data transfer and power handling. When it comes to data transmission, the type-C port can transfer up to ten gigabits per second.

Backward Compatible

This is the probably the biggest differentiating factor between the type-C and the previous USB connection standards. Since its backward compatible, you will just need a compatible adapter for connecting to older USB standard devices.


Ever since Apple has announced the new MacBook Pro with USB type-C, every company is looking to follow the footsteps. In other words, the USB type-C is going to be the connection standard in the coming years.

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