We Reviewed The Top-Rated Phone Spy Apps—You’ll Be Shocked To Know What They Can Do

Today’s technology has changed our lives in many ways. It has given us so many opportunities to explore the world and connect with people across the globe. Modern technology may have transformed our lives, but it also has a few drawbacks. Kids today are way smarter due to their early exposure to digital devices. It may be considered a good thing, but sometimes this early exposure can affect them for the rest of their lives.

Smartphones and the internet can be dangerous places if kids are left unsupervised. Unfortunately, many parents have to manage their house and office together which gives the kids a lot of alone time. Parents cannot keep an eye on their kid’s online activities all the time. Spying apps here can be of great help. If your kids spend a significant amount of time on their smartphones, and you are worried about their online activities, a spying app can help you clear your doubts.

Another advantage that spying apps offer is the monitoring of remote employees. These apps allow you to track their daily performance and check their productivity during work hours remotely. You can use these apps to track your partners and ensure that they are not involved with someone else. These apps can help you in many ways. However, with so many spying apps on the market, it might be difficult for you to choose the best app.

In this article, you will find the top 3 smartphone monitoring apps with a brief description. Let us take a look at these apps then.

1.   XNPSY

XNSPY is one of the most reliable spying apps on the market. XNSPY takes the top spot on the list due to the advanced features it offers at the most affordable pricing. It has a user-friendly interface that allows parents to use it without any inconvenience. Apart from that, if you have any questions regarding the app, you can get help from customer service. You can ask any questions anytime. XNSPY is one of the apps that has a leading reputation in the industry among other apps. One of the best factors about it is that it works in stealth mode. Kids nowadays may find ways to outsmart their parents, so the best solution is to find a monitoring app that works in stealth mode like XNSPY. Along with these features, it offers many other features as well. Let’s have a look at some of its provided features.

Call logs

It allows you to check all of the incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls. You can even check the duration of any specific contact call. XNSPY provides a full detailed view of the call log to its users. You can check the time and date of them as well.

Texts and IM tracking

It helps you track all of the texts exchanged on the targeted phone. Additionally, you can monitor all of the installed apps on the phone. XNSPY lets you track all the activities related to social media apps. Some of the apps that XNSPY support are WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, Twitter, Tinder, and many others.

Internet Activity

Another feature that XNSPY offers is internet activity tracking. It helps you to check the web browsing history on the targeted phone. You can check the bookmarked pages along with the most frequently visited pages. You can check the exchanged emails as well.


XNSPY allows you to view all of the saved pictures and videos as well. You can download any multimedia files on your phone using XNSPY.

Remote control

One of the best features of XNSPY is that it allows you to control the target phone remotely. You can set the screen time, take a screenshot, record the surroundings, and turn the phone on/off anytime you want. It also allows you to delete private data in case the phone gets lost or stolen.

Location tracking

XNSPY helps you track the real-time location of the targeted phone. You can check the location history of the phone as well. Another sub-feature that XNSPY offers is geo-fencing. It helps you mark a particular region and get alerts every time the phone goes near or out of the marked location.

Watch lists and alerts

Parents use this feature to keep their kids safe from specific content and people. The watch list allows you to add information like contact, location, or word in these lists. You can get an instant notification every time any activity related to the entered data happens.

XNSPY works on a subscription-based plan like most spying apps. However, it is one of the best and most affordable apps on the market. The two subscription models are the Basic and the Premium. The Basic version costs USD 4.99 every month. However, the Premium version costs USD 7.49 per month. XNSPY is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It runs with Android devices with versions above 4.0, and it is compatible with iOS devices running on 6.0 and above.

2.   Flexispy

Flexispy is another popular spying app that offers a broad set of features to its users. Parents and employers can use this app for required purposes. It has an excellent reputation in the market due to its offered functions. However, one factor about the app that slides it down to the second position is its price. Even though it provides very exceptional features, it is comparatively too expensive for the customers. Unlike XNSPY, it has three different versions of subscription. The LITE version costs USD 29.95 per month, the Premium version costs USD 68 per month, and the Extreme version starts at USD 199 for the quarterly subscription. Some of the features that this spying app offers are:

Call recording

It allows you to track all the calls (incoming, outgoing, missed.) You can record those calls as well.

Surround recording

Flexispy lets you record the surroundings of the targeted phone as well.

SMS monitoring

You can see all the exchanged messages using Flexispy.

Remote camera

Another function that FlexiSPY offers is the remote control of the camera. You can take any picture using the camera remotely, whenever you want.

3.   HoverWatch

HoverWatch is the third spying app that can help you keep track of the targeted phone. You can check call logs, messages, and internet activity like other apps. The app has a user-friendly and uncomplicated interface. You can manage the collected information on its website. Most of the features offered by this app are like XNSPY. However, the price is comparatively higher than XNSPY. You have to pay USD 19.95 every month and USD 99.95 per year. Some of the features include:

Spy and monitor calls

It allows you to track all the calls on the targeted phone. You can record some specific calls as well.

Monitor texts

The app helps you track all of the messages. You can read every text and even track the multimedia files exchanged in the chats.

Capture screenshots

HoverWatch allows you to take screenshots of the device.

Control camera

Another feature that helps you keep an eye on the user is the remote control of the camera. You can control the camera of the targeted device remotely. It allows you to take pictures or make videos of the surrounding whenever you want.

All of the mentioned spying apps are the best in the market. However, the varying high cost might put off many people from trying FlexiSPY or Hoverwatch. So for them, XNPSY is the best option for a suitable spying app at an affordable price. 

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