Top 7 Ways How To Motivate Software Developers

Motivating Software Developers

Software development is one of the fastest moving industries in the world. A lot of startups and large corporations are oriented toward this direction, using the services of outsourcing companies, while the number of young specialists in this area is also growing rapidly.

However, why do people want to work in this field? What encourages them to become part of a software development company? If you look at the statistic of the popular StackOverflow Survey, competitive compensation is no longer the first priority. Many other factors had been considered.

Furthermore, if we will build the strategy on how to keep up a spirit of enthusiasm among employees and then will bring these points together, we could get a real Dream Team of developers and software engineers. Well, let’s see how to turn an ordinary developer into a happy developer and, as a result, reach a fantastic business achievement.

1 Motivate developers by significant challenges

People love to create something valuable and meaningful. Therefore, it’s crucial to trust developers to work toward challenging, but real issues. It gives them the opportunity to feel their leading role in the project creation and increases the overall sense of responsibility. Nobody likes to be a pawn in someone’s game. Everyone wants to be a full-fledged player.

I love feeling like I am a part of something “Big and important.” I’m motivated when the result of my work brings some value and then is used to the maximum. When there’s not lost and forgotten.

— Lilya, Golang developer at QArea —

Nevertheless, there’s also an important point that could, at the same time, weaken the developer’s positive spirit. Unrealistic expectations.

Be realistic regarding the dev’s capabilities. Stress from constant pressure is the right way to decrease motivation, even for most purposeful developers.

2 Motivate developers by surrounding them with specialists

It inspires and gives strength to having someone to whom everyone comes for help and handy advice. A team leader who encourages developers to share knowledge across the team and finds optimal ways how to manage the overall development process.

To me, the ideal mentor is a professional with years of experience. Someone with a strong technical background and who has already many launched projects. A mentor, who can and wants to help with some valuable advice.

— Aleksey, JavaScript & PHP developer at QArea —

Working with experienced colleagues is the right way to professional development, the opportunity to gain valuable experience and then turn it into wonderful software.

3 Motivate software developers to learn new things

As we mentioned above, the IT industry does not stand still. Every day there are new technologies that can solve any tasks faster and better. Introducing them to the development process increases developer motivation and supports their interest in a project.

The latest technologies in the IT industry are very important to me. It provides an opportunity for rapid development, helps to stay informed of everything that happens in the tech world and motivates to monitor software progress. It also allows moving out of the comfort zone and getting rid of the fear of “something new and unknown” at work.

— Lilya, Golang developer at QArea —

Keep your eyes on innovative technologies, organize training sessions with more experienced specialists, provide your development team with new progressive opportunities, and you will be surprised at the power of curiosity.  

4 Motivate development teams by creativity

Even if coding is considered an applied science, it also has a creative side. Usually, this is a real art that requires the flexibility of the mind and a wide range of knowledge.

However, there are many kinds of activities that can help your developers to express their creative potential. One of the most popular among them is Hackathon.

This is an excellent opportunity of bringing together the development team and to create from scratch an app prototype. There’s a unique place for self-expression, where developers can transform ideas into reality.

5 Motivate developers by the growth opportunity

Professional growth is impossible without mistakes. Motivate your devs to take responsibility for their code quality. Perhaps, this is an unusual approach, but it is 100% successful. Even if errors will tend to be, their awareness by developers plays an essential role in professional shaping. Further, It also creates an atmosphere of healthy competition among the team members. That’s precisely how junior coders are transforming into high-caliber seniors with strong problems solving attitudes.

To successfully move forward, I need strong partners. It gives me a feeling of some challenge, enriches by the valuable professional experience, and as a result extends my personal portfolio.

— Dmytro, Solution Architect at QArea —

Motivating your devs for professional growth is also an opportunity to remain an active player in the IT market as well as gives capabilities to work on awesome projects in nearly future.

6 Motivate developers by benefits

A fair and pleasant workplace is as well motivating as competitive compensation and quality benefits like health insurance and leave sick. Comfortable and cozy surroundings can inspire devs to be more efficient and passionate about their work. Space for relaxation, quiet rooms for private work, and a well-equipped kitchenette provide a place that devs are happy to come to.

To me, vacation and sick leave play a primary role. Occasionally, there are circumstances when I need time not only for leisure but also for solving personal/family issues. So, when these situations occur, I want to be sure that they will not severely affect the attitude of a company towards its employees.

— Yanislav, Python & JavaScript developer at QArea —

Sometimes, even the most motivated developer, sooner or later can lose the motivation to work as faithfully as at the beginning. Here, the key thing is to keep a reasonable Work/Life balance. The tips listed above will help you organize the work of your team in the best possible way.

7 Motivate developers by respecting their talents

Commonly, it could be a huge difference between how to motivate one software engineer vs. another. There’s no single golden rule, as every member of the team is, first of all, an individual. What is good for one isn’t work for another.

Examine each developer and their habits. Take into account their age, skills level, and ultimate goals. Be attentive to the opinion of your developers, and respect their efforts and unique talents. They will appreciate it and will reward you with quality code and many years of reliable work.

We will be happy if you enjoyed our review and expanded your understanding of how to motivate software developers. We went through it ourselves and know how important it is to move towards common goals, share our values, and have a positive attitude in the team, to create the best quality projects and products.

Sandra Parker

Head of BizDev at QArea Software Development Company I work as a Business Developer in QArea and help companies to accelerate their businesses through custom software development and testing.

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