Top 6 Reasons to Purchase Revit from an Authorized Autodesk Reseller

3d modellingIn the Building Information Industry, the Revit software from Autodesk is perhaps the most popular program of all the software under the MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing), engineering, structural engineering, and architecture lineup. Given its widespread use by companies at the head of these industries, it is essential that an authorized Autodesk reseller must be able to offer this program and cater to all of the associated requirements.

Here are just a few of the program’s many advantageous features for a business, whether it is just starting up or building upon existing success:

  1. The use of a single project file. One of the many benefits that this program offers AutoCAD is the ability to save all the data into a single project file, streamlining operations and reducing the potential for confusion. This facilitates the opportunity for people to collaborate on the file online, permitting them to merge their saved changes. There isn’t even any need for the user to refresh the page in order to be able to see the changes, as these are made automatically.

This allows a highly efficient collaborative process amongst team members, with the ability to contain every distinct process within one sphere; design, drafting, construction, and even facility management can all be collated into the one file.  With the function of real-time updates, it’s simple for each team member to stay focused upon the project and remain constantly aware of their current responsibilities.

  1. Early previews. It is possible for clients to view various previews of buildings and homes whilst the designers draft a floor plan or layout, or alter existing designs. By allowing the designers to propose ideas quickly and efficiently, the program highly enhances the client feedback process by allowing them to provide constant input from the very outset. This minimizes the risk of designers wasting time and money on ideas that are not in accord with the client’s wishes, instead allowing the project to proceed smoothly and swiftly.
  2. Fast changes. It is inevitable that during the design phase of these projects, frequent modifications are the norm. Revit allows for fast changes, but that’s not all that it offers. The architectural model takes into account every single building component, connecting them within the file. These links mean that each change that you make to the model is accompanied by an automatic change to each related component. This function revolutionizes the designing process, completely minimizing the need to go through and verify the continuity between materials yourself.
  3. Higher quality. Due to Revit’s 3D modeling capability, it is far easier to identify and resolve problem areas. By providing a tactile image, this mode hugely increases visibility and reduces the need to visualize where issues might arise and the opportunity for human error. This function is hugely instrumental in providing high quality, error-free documentation.
  4. Automatic BOQ. Standing for bill of quantities, this term refers to the total cost of the all materials. Revit allows contractors to accurately estimate the amount of the materials required for the project with minimal effort, ensuring constant and accurate updates to the final estimated cost of the project. Given the high investment involved with a building project and the likelihood of an elevated final cost, this can be very important in allowing both the owners and the contractors to monitor how the project is adhering to the allocated budget.
  5. Environmental features. Almost everyone wants to adopt a greener approach in our times of climate change, and Revit provides a means by which we can have a direct influence in the ways that we complete our construction projects. The design process using the software operates around environmental and energy modeling, allowing you to proceed in the knowledge that you are being mindful of your influence on the planet.

In order to benefit from the full extent of Revit’s advantages, it might be necessary to obtain some extras. Try enquiring with your authorized Autodesk reseller about whether you can get it as a part of a basic Architecture, Engineering & Construction pack, or if you can combine it with another industry-focused set of programs. By providing you with a greater number of resources and reducing the price of each piece of software, combining the programs can be a great way to obtaining the perfect level of efficiency for your project.

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