Top 5 Software Solutions that Help Manufacturers the Most

With a huge growth rate in the manufacturing industry, businesses need to put the small but most important day to day processes on autopilot. Automating day-to-day business processes is crucial to the efficiency and ultimate manufacturing success for a number of reasons. As technology evolves, manufacturing companies also need real-time data and numbers to improve the consumer experience, find areas of improvement, and find ways to reduce costs. All can be done conveniently with help of automated solutions.  

In order to make most out of their efforts, manufacturers are more likely to invest in software solutions and tools that can help them in a variety of areas of manufacturing process.

5 Critical Software Systems for Manufacturing Companies

Here we have a list of software systems and solutions that help manufacturers the most to scale their brands and optimize current manufacturing processes and systems for increased productivity and efficiency.

1- Manufacturing Software

It is one of the best and most important software solutions for manufacturers as it comes with amazing features to put repetitive and complex tasks on autopilot. It helps companies effectively eliminate unplanned downtimes, remove unproductive processes, and optimize scheduling processes. In simple words, a manufacturing software system provides you with complete visibility of your whole manufacturing-related processes so you can plan things accordingly.

2- MES software

MES stands for manufacturing execution system. It is a software that helps companies manage and monitor their shop floor manufacturing processes and activities in real-time. It provides workers with the useful and necessary information that they need to complete their jobs and allows them to put their production data back into the system. MES software can be used to track things like material consumed, number of products produced, number of hours spent on manufacturing tasks, and so on. All the information and details can easily be accessed in the future to make informed decisions and changes in the manufacturing process. The software also keeps executives and senior-level managers up-to-date with the progress of the company regarding different manufacturing orders. It can also be used by organizations for quality and maintenance management purposes.

3- CRM software

CRM is a short form of customer relationship management. CRM software is used by brands and businesses to store customer data and manage contacts with customers. Manufacturers can make use of CRM software to bring all the interactions with potential and existing customers at a place to make customer management easier than ever before. Most of the CRM solutions can also be integrated with other business solutions like marketing automation tools and inventory management solutions to manage a lot of things in a single dashboard. Conventional CRM software can be used by manufacturers to manage important customer data and sending out invoices and personalized marketing messages.

4- HRM Software

The workforce is one of the most valuable assets of a manufacturing company as they keep the manufacturing process running effectively. That’s why it is imperative for the business to ensure their wellbeing. Full feature HRM (human resources management) software can help businesses keep employee details and information in an organized manner to meet their needs. A good HRM software solution helps manufacturers to manage working hours & salaries of employees, record attendance and vacations, facilitate employee performance appraisal & satisfaction surveys, and most importantly ensure effective hiring process and recruitment planning. However, a business must assess current HR processes and understand human resources related requirements before choosing a human resources management software.

5- Manufacturing ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) software is an all-in-one solution that allows manufacturing businesses and companies to use all the necessary systems and processes in one dashboard. Such salutations can pull data from a variety of business systems and organize it in an easy to use format that different departments can use. Whether it is a production planning, recruitment process, sales department, shop floor, financing jobs, or inventory management, the manufacturing ERP software can work well for all of these departments/tasks. ERM system not only improves both internal and external communications of the company but also helps them produce less waste, save money, and hold fewer inventories in place. As a result, manufacturing businesses can generate more revenues by streamlining their overall manufacturing related tasks and activities.

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