Amazing Tips to Increase Blog Comments

How to Encourage People to Comment on your Blog

Getting positive feedback from others about recently accomplished work is something vital that everyone loves and when it comes blogging, having a lot of positive blog comments on the posts is the moment for bloggers to be proud of.

Since valuable blog comments can help bloggers a lot to generate qualified visitors and leads as well, they also increase SEO benefits for the blog to grow rapidly.

One of the major reasons behind getting just a few comments on the blog is that most of the bloggers don’t use right ways to increase blog comments that may include boring blog post titles, ugly writing style and content that fails to inspire readers to comment etc.

In this article, I have compiled a list of amazing tips to increase blog comments that every blogger should know not only readers but the audience that love to share the valuable feedback in the form of blog comments regarding content shared.

How to Increase Blog Comments Smartly

#1 – Write catchy headlines for blog posts

Importance of killer blog post titles cannot be underestimated by bloggers as they can drive more visits for the continent written on a blog.

In the same way, when you want to increase blog comments for your personal or business blog, you should always create appealing blog post titles to grab the attention of readers. For this purpose, you can employ basic tips to write catchy headlines shared by experts on various blog and websites.

How to Increase Blog Comments

#2 – End up Blog Post with a Question

It will almost take a few seconds to prepare a question for your blog post when finishing the article but in results, it will help you a lot to enjoy increase blog comments.

For instance, when you have done with an article about SEO tips for bloggers, just formulate a simple question for your audience such as ‘what you think about the last tip’ or ‘do you agree with me’ etc. It will show that you really care about the feedback of your audience and appreciate always.

Asking your readers for feedback is one of the best ways to increase blog comments on your posts.

#3 – Display the comment count next to the post title

It is something that shows to the visitors how many people are commenting on the following post. Showing the comment count with each your blog post can be a plus point for you to encourage your new visitors for adding their valuable comments as other readers are doing.

A lot of WordPress themes nowadays are developed with this great feature that can make the blog comment count visible at the top of post even without installing an additional plugin for this purpose.

Amazing Tips to Increase Blog Comments

#4 – Respond to the comments

Most of the commenters always expect a positive response from your side and it could be a great way to increase the blog comments by responding to the existing comments.

I am not telling you to only answer the queries asked by visitors but you should also show the gratitude for your readers who are adding real value to your content by elaborating one of your key points.

All your commenters will be excited about getting a response from the author of the blog post as it encourages them to comment on other blog posts as well.

#5 – Write blog posts around insightful comments

When some insightful comments are found on your blog posts not only from your regular readers but from expert bloggers as well, you should use those comments as inspiration for your next blog post and remember to mention the comments in your post.

It is one of the top tips to increase blog comments as your readers will always love to get featured in your blog posts.

#6 – Ask for comments

Asking for valuable comments would be a great call to action for your blog posts as it will help you increase blog comments rapidly.

You can also do the same when you are sharing your posts on different social media platforms to get more view along with valuable blog comments. Just add a simple statement with your blog post link to ask people for leaving comments.

Ways to Increase Blog commenting

#7 – Comment on other blogs

Yeah, it’s the matter of give and take. Always make a habit to add comments on other blogs when you have finished a specific reading. It is one of the best tips to increase blog comments as expert bloggers always ready to share their experience or feedback relevant to the blog post they have read.

Commenting on other blog is a superb way to build popularity on your blog as well as to start relationships with likeminded people (bloggers).

#8 – Close the comments for old blog posts

If you really want to increase blog comments on all your blog posts, you should close comments for the old blog posts in order to steer people towards new posts for commenting purpose.

Since most of the people do blog commenting for link building, when you will block comments for your old blog posts, the people will come to know that they have only a few days to share their valuable comments on your blog posts and would like to post comments immediately.

Amazing Tips to Increase Blog Comments

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