Tips to Ensure a Secure Cloud Migration

As the amount of data grows with the use of advanced business technologies, how and where to store the valuable business data is becoming a greater challenge for business owners and enterprise leaders. Data is one of the important assets for every business in this modern business landscape. That is the reason, the majority of the businesses and companies are increasingly migrating their data to the cloud for utmost security and quick access.

If you are also ready for cloud migration with your data and other resources, consider the following tips to ensure effective and secure cloud migration.

Encrypt Sensitive Data

Encryption of your business data is important not only to comply with guidelines but as a basic security measure when migrating your IT resources and data to the cloud. Most of the cloud vendors provide you with data encryption options to keep your sensitive data safe and complete the migration process securely. The use of encryption gateways is the best way to protect your data before it is transferred to the cloud.

Conduct a Phased Migration

Instead of sending everything to the cloud at once, conducting a phased migration is one of the best ways to ensure secure cloud migration. As all your data is categorized properly, a phased migration allows you to know which data is sensitive, mission-critical, or not mission-critical. Transferring a short amount of less important data to the cloud gives you an idea about the cloud storage system you are about to use. Sending data to the cloud in phases helps you minimize downtime, technical issues, and other security concerns during the migration process. Moreover, it also helps you evaluate the security of your cloud’s host before migration a bigger amount of data that is sensitive as well.

Understanding Compliance Issues

Before you upload all your business data to a cloud storage solution, consider the requirements to meet for data stored on the cloud. Also, be sure to consult with your legal team before cloud adoption in order to make sure your data will be in safe hands and the vendor will compensate in case if the data is compromised. Doing this allows you to migrate your data securely to the cloud without facing troubles at the time of the migration process and in the future as well.

Choose the Right Tools For The Job

Having a good understanding of regulatory requirements is the best way to decide which tools are the best for migration processes and will complete the job more effectively. Reliable cloud services provider also gives you advise and suggest you the best resources to help you be prepared with the data in advance to go through the process effectively and securely. You may need to scan, clean or audit data in some way to ensure a secure cloud migration process. So, choose the right tools and solutions to get the job done great.

Make A List of Authorized People for Accessing Data

One of the best ways to keep your sensitive business data secure while doing a variety of business processes is to allow employees access to exactly what they need. Right after migrating your data to the cloud, make a list of authorized employees for accessing data to make sure your data on cloud is accessible by the authorized persons only. You can also set privileges to provide your employees with what they need to perform their duties effectively.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

As setting privileges for employees can help you protect business data, setting up two-factor authentications is another best way to make sure the data is accessed by the right person. Two-factor authentication is the best way to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your sensitive business data stored on the cloud. In this way, your employees will need to use two different methods of authentication in order to gain access to restricted business data and information.

Wipe Your Retiring Drives

Don’t leave data cleaning at a chance, do it promptly. Consult with your IT experts and ask them for a secure process of wiping your storage media when all your data is migrated to the cloud. You should use the right wiping technology and solutions to make sure there is nothing important left to worry about when it comes to wiping your retiring drives securely.

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