Tips To Boost Brand Advocacy On Social Media

Social media is a great marketing platform for businesses and brands with matchless opportunities and social advocacy is one of the best social media marketing strategies small businesses can use to grow their customer base in this competitive business landscape.

Basically, brand advocacy on social media is a concept of satisfied users of a company’s products who promote those products over their social media profiles organically. The people who are mentioning a business’s name, product details, website or content on their social profiles are known as brand advocates. Organic brand advocacy is something most important and useful than anything a business can buy. Positive user-generated content and affection offer an effective reach and brand exposure that is more enticing for potential customers than any well-developed ad campaign or marketing strategy.

Let’s break down top tips to boost brand advocacy on social media in this article, so businesses can maintain long-lasting and two-way relationships with their brand advocates.

 Find out the Potential Advocates

Your marketing army is out there posting updates about your brand, doing social media sharing, retweeting, and recommending your products on a regular basis. You just need to spot them. They are your existing (satisfied) customers, employees, and fans of your products who actively engage with your social media profiles daily. You can set-up alerts to find out and know who is interested in your brand and mentioning your business name in social media posts and comments. You can use tools like Google alerts to recognize your brand advocates on social media.

Connect and encourage To Share Their Stories

Once brand advocates are found on social media, its time to create opportunities for them to share their stories and experience with your business. It will help you build a strong, credible, and trusted brand image that could be enticing for potential customers. Ask them to share their experience with your business and products via different types of content like videos, images, text, and infographics, etc. Giving them a public shout out on your brand’s social media profiles will definitely encourage others to do the same for your business. As a result, you will successfully be able to boost organic brand advocacy on social media even without spending a lot of bucks.

Promote the Content

UGC marketing is a great way to support your brand with no investment while recognizing your brand advocates on social media. User-generated content is used by brands on their websites, social media profiles, and other traditional marketing platforms to make their brand advocates feel appreciated and valued. A brand creates a sense of belongingness with its customers and employees by sharing their stories, posts, and tweets on its social media accounts or business website. It makes a huge difference to the credibility and brand advocacy on social media.

Offer Incentive for Your Brand Advocates

The best incentive for customers to advocate your brand on social media is your appreciation and recognizing their efforts on your different digital channels. Providing them with excellent experience and educating them about your brand values help you build strong relationships. You can follow them back on social media, showcase their stories and content on your business website or social media profile, send them special offers, provide them previews and first look at your new products and host special events to make them feel valued and appreciated.

Networking and Communicating

Business owners and marketers cannot deny the significance of building strong relations and expanding connections on social media sites especially when it comes to build and boost brand advocacy on social media. It is important to connect with people from different backgrounds and walks of life as it can help your brand grow in multiple ways. To build a vast pool of brand advocates on social media, it is important to know their interests and what excites them a lot. When you are aware of their happiness and interests, the process of networking and communicating with them gets smoother and efficient. In order to build and boost brand advocacy on social media, you must ensure to establish relationships with the brand advocates on the right social media sites.

Stay on the Top of Things

You must stay on the top of things like who produces content about your company, what are they saying to their followers about your products, where they are sharing content, when they are engaged most and why are they talking about your brand on social media, etc. to understand and measure the reach of your brand advocacy strategies. You can also use website analytics, conversation rate, and other insights obtained from website analytics tools to find out what campaigns are creating the best ROI and how to improve advocacy strategies to obtain desired outcomes.

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