Tips On Speeding Up Your Office Internet Connection

You might feel frustrated on seeing your colleague browsing the internet, downloading important files in a couple of seconds, while you keep on twiddling your thumbs, waiting for a single page to load, even though both of you use the same shared connection. This topic will explain to you how to speed up your work internet connection. Do not fool yourself by thinking that the slow internet connectivity is because of processor speeds or the amount of RAM on your PC. Chances are that you might be using an outdated browser.

During installation, the `auto update’ feature of a browser is, by default set to `on.’ Chances are someone else using your computer might have turned it off. You should set the `auto update’ feature of your browser to `on’. Though the method differs from browser to browser, find below how to enable this feature in Firefox & Chrome and keep your browser updated for better browsing experience.

Chrome :

Go to the control panel and select task scheduler. Click on `schedule tasks’ (requires admin rights). On the scheduler pop-up box, click on `task scheduler library.’ Do not click the + button beside it. The window to the right will show several options. Right-click on Google Update and see the value. If it is disabled, enable it. There are two entries for Google. Make sure you enable both of them.

Go to control panel and select task scheduler. Click on `schedule tasks' (requires admin rights). On the scheduler pop up box

Firefox :

Navigate to Tools>Options>Advanced. Enable the `automatically enable updates’ if it is disabled. Take this opportunity to do a bit of clean-up work. Go to the `privacy’ tab and change the `history’ options to `never remember history.’ This feature eats up precious memory space if left on. You can always `bookmark’ a page if required. On the same page, you will find the option to clear `history’ & `cookies.’ Clear them.

Disk Defragmentation:

Use this option to clear partially used sectors on your hard drive. This process might take a long time initially, depending on the size of the drive and the degree of fragmentation. Make it a habit to defrag your hard drive on a weekly basis. Are you unable to find the defragmentation tool? Navigate from start>run and on the dialogue box type `defrag’ (without quotes). You will see two options… `defrag’ and `disk defragmenter.’ Click on the second one and follow onscreen instructions. Why do you not insert the CAT5 connector used by your colleague? If you notice a difference in speed, then you can be sure that either the networking cable or the connector is at fault.

If you have any idea about hardware, check the contact points of the connecter assigned to your machine and view its contact points. If they appear dull, you might try scraping them with a board pin. Improper contact can slow down the speed of your computer immensely. If you are on a wireless connection, make sure that the signal receiver is properly oriented and that there are no obstacles between the WiFi modem and your computer. Magnetic fields cause havoc to both WiFi and cable connections.

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